Thursday, June 9, 2011

Congressional Wall of Shame....

Rep. Anthony Weiner, said he has not done anything wrong, (really) Weiner has said he has not violated any house rules, therefore he has "no intention of resigning"...Weiner must feel he is invincible, hopefully his ANGEL'S HALO will drop around his neck. Weiner should not have any say in this matter, unless of course it has been proven that he had nothing to do with the incident, however, he has admitted his guilt. So he needs to go and go now.

Anthony Weiner has proved he is nothing more than a preverted pathilogical liar, period.  A hearing should be held at once and Weiner should be removed from office based on his own admissions of guilt. We the people entrust our confidence in our elected Representatives to do right, and to represent country and the people with dignity, as they would represent their own family.   I am sick of this pattern of behavior from our elected Representatives, and so should you. We place our complete trust in our Representatives and they continue to screw us over and embarrass the Country, and they have no remorse, because the behavior continues.  We are supposed to be the country that leads the WORLD by example.  What an example...., it just makes me ill.   Our country is on the verge of a total economic melt down and collapse, and all that Weiner could think about at the time was showing off his Cock-a-Doddle-D0 in a series of photographs he sent to various wemen, wemen that he did not even know. Now it comes to light that his wife is pregnant.  Ole Weiner however continues to give all of the pundits, comedians and, let's face it, something to talk about at the coffee shops.  Also, there's news of a possible Congressional ethics investigation, there should be no "possible" to it, just do the investigation. People say there are serious doubts about his political future, what future, he should resign NOW, but he will not resign, and nothing will happen to him at all, not one thing, 

Don't feel bad Weiner, you are not alone, there are many many more of you out there...What a disgrace, on top of everything this country is dealing with, we have to deal with  your disgraceful  behavior. Mr. Weiner if you were in the Great State of Texas you would have been  arrested, convicted and have to register as a Sex Offender.

All of the names you see listed below have at one time or another, according to the Washington Post have been involved in some type of lurid sex scandals. It is a list right out of  "Who's Who's.
From a former President of the United States, to Senators, Republicans and Democrats. WHAT an embarassment.

I understand that these idiots put on there britches like everyone else..."one leg at a time," however, the people listed below apparently tried to jump in with both feet at the same time. 



Former Rep. Gus Savage.
Rep. Barney Frank
Former Sen. Brock Adams.
Former Rep. Fred Richmond.
Former Rep. John Young.
Former Rep. Wayne Hays.
Former Rep. Gerry Studds.
Former Rep. Mel Reynolds.
Sen. Teddy Kennedy
Rep. Wilbur Mills 1974
Sen Gary Hart 1988
Sen. Bob Packwood 1995
Bill Clinton 1992 as candidate and as President
Rep. Gary Condit's affair w/Chandra Levy who disappeared 2001
Republican Jack Ryan 2004
Governor James E. McGreevey -2004
Mark Foley - R
Sen. David Vitter -R 2007
New York Governor Eliot Spitzer 2008
Sen. John Ensign 2009
Gov. Mark Sanford 2009
Rep. Mark Souder 2009

The above Congressional leaders have landed a spot on wall of shame, they placed their personal needs above the people they swore to serve..

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TexasFred said...

And it's NOT just Dems... Something about corruption and scandal seem to just jump out and grab a lot of politicians...