Thursday, June 30, 2011

Golf Anyone?

I remember very vividly when various commentators, especially Keith Olbermann went off on President Bush when he gave up golf while we were at war. Olbermann and HIS self rightous holier than thou attitude was at his best while chastising President Bush for giving up golf.  Olbermann referred to Bush as boneheaded in addition to every name he could think of and then some.  It was embarrassing to say the least when Keith Olbermann went off on a 10 minute rant against Bush; but what else could you expect from this far left ASININE bomb thrower.

Yes this is the same Olbermann who was suspended from MSNBC for giving donations to democratic politicians.  Now Keith has his very own little spot on Current T.V.  Congrats to you Keith. You should have stayed in sports. The problem I have with the bomb throwing, is Olbermann only bombs the right for the most part, that is his priveldge as lower tier broadcaster,  who can only dream about having O'Rielly like ratings. Unlike Olbermann,  O'Rielly tosses bombs in all directions, not just one direction. It is called FAIR.

The point I am trying to make is obvious; no one on the right gives a damn or says anything about Obama playing 72 rounds of golf  since Obama has been in the White House. Playing golf and jet setting around the country campaigning when the country is on the verge of total collapse. Where are you OLBERMANN, where are you and your right wing cronies bomb throwers; where are your verbal assaults and character assassignations on Obama for PLAYING GOLF at such a critical time, I am just wondering. 

Olbermann and the far left are no where to be found.  Olbermann and his right wing cronies are deathly silent when it comes to Obama, they are on a one way street while our country is headed down a slippery slope  into the abyss. One would think at this time, at this moment in our history that everyone in this country would unite to demand, to DEMAND from our leadership that they drop the name calling, drop the character assassinations and attempt to forge a plan to resurrect our country.  It is not going to happen, the name calling on both sides of the aisle will unfortunately continue as our country slips further and further down the slippery slope of no return. 

I can say this and nobody can tell me not to, so here goes. I pray to Almighty God that he unites our country and gives our leadership the courage to unite as one voice to solve the issues that we have and get our country on the right path, back to the prosperity that we once had, so that AMERICA can once again hold her head up high as the leader of the free world.   

These are just my thoughts and opinions, like them or not....



Anonymous said...

Ya know, I fully understand that the Prez needs some time to decompress, but damn, this SOB Obama hasn't stayed at work long enough to get stressed out..

If it looks too serious the Kenyan SOB gets on AF-1 and flies off to some place to offend some other nation and then he comes home to play cow pasture pool...

All this and a shitty economy too...

Mrsupole said...

Hi Shady,

Well I am not going to be the one to tell you that you cannot pray. But I guess I can tell you that you need to pray a lot if you ever want this country to reunite and get back on the path to prosperity.

I have been thinking a lot and have come to the conclusion that one of the things wrong with this country started when they began calling us a "this" American and a "that" American. That is when the country truly started it's big divide.

At one time we had people who were happy with just being called an American, not an African American, a Mexican American, A Cuban American, an Irish American, a Russian American, a Muslim American, a Christian American, an Asian American (sub-divided into Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean, another long list), a German American, a....okay I give up.

Is there any country that is not attached to an American somehow, or a religion, or any kind of belief?

It seems that somehow everyone in this country, and even in other countries, has somehow been subdivided into a smaller group.

Does anyone not see that this is how those who think they are in control of us try to control everyone? Is Woodrow Wilson correct in thinking that only those of a certain higher intelligence should be in control of those with a lesser intelligence? Can man really control mankind?

Sadly as long as our world continues on its current path, Woodrow Wilson and his cronies, will be proven correct. And Obuyme fancies himself to be one of those of higher intelligence then the average citizen of this country.

I think the main thing that used to unite us as a country is for everyone to have at least a chance for a prosperity that was never available in the countries they left. Once we became a country of entitlements, we somehow became the country of laziness and give me. It has somehow worked to prove Wilson's theory by creating a class of people who seem to accept their lot in life and have no interest to move up in the improvement of their life. Yes, there are those who do work hard to get off of welfare and out of that way of life, but the majority seem to want to just accept that nothing will change in their life and somehow we have now had generations who have been on welfare. I have nothing but respect for those who have worked to change things in their life.

While for those who have taught generations to accept welfare as their lot in life, I say, shame on you. Welfare was meant to be a temporary means of helping you until "YOU" got back on your feet and helped yourself. It was not meant as a means to support you and your descendents for all of your lives. And shame on our nation for letting this happen to these people. How can anything change if we as a nation do nothing to change our system to encourage our people into trying to change things in their life. We are not helping these people to improve things and sometimes all it takes is a little push in the right direction to help them change things in their lives.

If our public schools suck then we need to get rid of them. I have a funny feeling that if we got rid of just some of them, then somehow they would all of a sudden change. Putting the whole country on forced medical care is like putting us all into our current public school system. Publicizing anything, except the military, has somehow shown that everything can be destroyed from within.

I cannot remember which city in the US that has closed almost everything ran by city workers, and has privatized all the city services. The city that once was in the red is now in the black and the city services have improved according to the people who live there. Everyone but the ex-city workers are very happy with the new system.

God bless.

Mrsupole said...

Sorry had to split comment up into two parts since it was so long.

Here is part two........

Life in America used to be more like this at one time. It is why people wanted to come here. Woodrow Wilson and his followers are working their asses off to change our country into their country, and we are just letting it happen. They have studied the Divide and Conquer Theory, and have worked very hard to put those theories to work. So until we become One Nation Under God again, we will be conquered.

Oh and the Taliban (from an earlier posting of yours) would probably kill Olbermann, Obuyme, and all those other liberals for NOT believing in God. They do not give one a choice to "not" believe in God. They believe that Mohammed is their chosen one (they are still waiting for their savior), while Christians believe Jesus is their savior. Who is correct? Well I guess when one dies then one finds out the truth. I also think that if all these liberals in cahoots with trying to put Muslim's in power eventually have their way, they will someday be wishing they had sided with the Christians who at least will not kill them for not believing in Jesus.

I heard a comment from a commentator that he hopes Obuyme continues to play lots of golf, because if he is out playing golf then at least he is not screwing (my word) the country. It is just that he forgot that all of Obuyme's czars are doing as much screwing as they can.

Our votes for 2012 will probably turn out to be the most important vote our country ever has.

Okay, I am done for now. My comment is probably longer then your post, but it is also for the last few posts too. I do hope I make some sense.

Take care and keep praying.

God bless again.