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Border Violence

Mexican Army KIA
 Let me warn you,  there are some extremely graphic photographs through the article. On occasions,  while having coffee with friends the topic of the border war comes up. I will be asked a question by someone who is either from out of state, or is from someone who is not familiar with the border war. I am asked if the border war is as bad as reported, or is the war just sensationalized by the media from Mexico and the United States.  I am here to tell you, not only is the border war dangerous,  it is, in my opinion spinning totally out of control in some areas in Mexico.  The attacks happen daily as do the murders.  I would tell anyone thinking about going in to Mexico right now, I would say this…..ARE YOU FREAKING CRAZY OR WHAT!  Am I trying to scare you. Yes I am. Go to Walmart if you want to save money,  Mexico is not the place to go right now.

Just take a look at the flow of traffic as a shoot out broke out in the middle of the highway in Matamoros,  is a major city of over a million in population, give or take a few. Matamoros is a stones throw from Brownsville, Texas, a  city which has a population of over 100,000. Both cities depend on each other for their economies to flourish. The citizens of Matamoros, Mexico are really struggling and having a difficult time adjusting to the violence.  I will say this, Matamoros has some very good people, not everyone is a Cartel member, they are good people struggling to exist within the violence.

The people still have to exist, the children still have to go to school, and the mother and fathers have to work, buy groceries and what not. I can’t image how people endure,  but they do; can you just imagine taking your children to school and all of sudden you are caught in the middle of a fire-fight between the cartels and the military, well it happens more than you would like to think.  I would be panic stricken, with one thing on my mind, and that is saving my kid(s).

I am sure  trying to save the life of my children, and that of others if possible. I do not want to say that a shootout occurs in front of a school daily,  but it does happen, it may happen  downtown, or in the neighborhoods, or right out in the middle of the street in broad daylight, for all to see.  It is terrible and their appears there is no end insight. Mexico is putting up a valiant effort, but victory is no where in sight, no where.  No one seems to know what to do next.  Until Mexico gets a firm grasp on what the next step is the violence continues.  Many families have been displaced by the violence in there neighborhood.  
Running to Save His daughters Life
The sad part is the children having to live in fear of just going outside and play like normal kids.  Many of the parents have told me that they do not allow the children outside, not even to play it’s too dangerous.  There has been a lot said of the cartels exploiting  young teenagers youths to do some of their dirty work like being drug mules, in which the kids are 16 years of age or younger.

The reason being is, they know our justice system as well as the Mexican justice system will not prosecute juveniles for the most part.  Cartels are also training young teenage girls for assassinations and other crimes,  some the kids are as young as 12 to 14 years of age.  I just can not fathom an assassin that is as young as 12 to 14 years old, but they do. The teens are lured to the cartel by the promise of money and living life in the fast lane. The teens have been paid in the area of $2,000 per month, that is a large sum of money, for a teen.  The cartel is looking for a way to get away with their actions without causing detection.

It’s not unusual for the cartels to try to use individuals they think the police wouldn’t look at, and who better than very young kids.  Also, the kids are used as “Mules”. Mules is a slang used by Police.  A  “MULE” is a person(s) who will smuggle the drugs to a secluded area; usually someone on the U.S. side is already waiting at a predetermined location for the narcotic cargo. That is all a “MULE” is used for. Someone else is used to take the drugs to a safe house or warehouse whatever the case may be.

The results of the fighting can be seen laying in the street. He was a Mexican cartel member gunned down in a fire-fight with the Mexican Military in the streets of Matamoros, Mexico.  Another causality of this Border War is the tourism, which Mexico depends on to fuel their economy.  As it is, Matamoros is  struggling to make it. Which is nothing new. Prior to the Border Wars, Mexico’s economy was in the tank. The war has only made it worse.

Which now brings me to the mass exodus of illegal aliens into the United States, as it is we have over 15 million illegal immigrants more or less.  I would like to know how anyone knows how many illegals are in this country for sure. I question the amount of illegal aliens in the USA, who really knows the true count,  but they are here and we are expected to deal with it, or should I say Obama wants to keep them.   I hate that Mexico has a drug war, I detest the loss of all of the innocent people which have been gunned down; but Mexico has to deal with it, not the United States, hell, the United States can barley take care of our selves. We still have to borrow money to make ends meet as it is.
Mexican Army On The Border
The border war has had sweeping affects on the United States, the main issue is mass exodus of illegal aliens into the country,  followed by the constant flow of narcotics, which brings up another Obamanation,  Obama has not done one thing to seal the border, not one thing. One of the reasons is short and sweet, Obamanation is attempting to appease the Hispanic voters by not protecting the borders, thus allowing more illegal aliens to enter the United States unchecked. Obamanation is playing politics and the hell with the security of our nation.
The problem is compounded by his unqualified and incompetent Secretary of Homeland Security. With all due respect, Janet Napolitano does not have a clue as to what is happening on the southern borders of the United States. Napolitano still submits that our borders are safer now than they ever have been.  In El Paso,  Janet Napolitano made the following statement,   “U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said Thursday that security on the southern U.S. border “is better now than it ever has been” and that violence from neighboring Mexico hasn’t spilled over in a serious way.”  How does Napolitano define “In a serious way”? Does the MURDER OF BORDER PATROL AGENT BRIAN TERRY qualify Secretary Napolitano, just asking, that’s all.  If to you the death of a Agent Terry is not in a “SERIOUS WAY”, what in the hell is.  My Readers would like to hear you answer.

My thoughts are you send them back and apply for their paperwork to enter the USA legally.  As I said, we can not feed the world. Nobody comes and gives us any money, like Iraq or Kuwait City, nobody has chipped in to off set our expense. I am tired of feeding everyone and paying every ones bills. It has to stop at some point.

I do not want to sound cold and callous but we, the United States have no means to feed the world, someone please give me the “FORMULA” on how to feed all of the illegal aliens, which by the way encompasses more than just Mexicans, also included in the aliens are people from the Middle East, Brazil, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and probably more races than I can name, the aliens from any other country are referred to as OTM’S (other than Mexican) and they are all here in the United States, and the taxpayers are expected to feed, clothe, educate and take care of their medical needs for all of them.  We should not.

That’s is what is expected of this great country. We can not do it, and should not be expected to do so. Like I previously said, we are getting our fair share of illegals due to the border war. However, no one wants to pony up to help pay the bill.  As usual the tax payer is continuing  to get hosed.   So you see the Border War is affecting the United States in additional illegal alien traffic and the spill over violence and confrontations with Law Enforcement and ANYONE who gets in their way, and I do mean ANYONE. The cartels,  have no problem in killing our Border Patrol Agents, Deputy Sheriff’s, and innocent families who accidentally stumble into the Cartels path of violence. It matters not to the Cartel.  The CARTELS are going to fight to maintain  every square inch of the smuggling routes on  our Southern border.

Here in South Texas, especially in the upper Valley, the Police have been involved in many extremely dangerous pursuits with vehicles which are loaded with narcotics which are destined to other areas within the United States.  The main job of the transporter, is to secure the load and make sure it arrives to its final destination, if not, well there will be consequences to their failure. Understand this, the people that are hired to transport the narcotics, are responsible for one thing, securing the load in a safe are or rather and safe house until the next level of organization arrives at the safe house.

Their responsibility is to locate a safe house/ware house to secure the their load of dope.  Once the narcotic has reached a safe house or ware house, what ever the case may be, another group takes over. This group will attempt arrange for the transportation of the narcotics past the check points, this is a challenge, however these guys are quite innovated, and have come up with hiding areas that are ingenious, they spend a great deal of money in doing so.

The Mark of the Zeta is a "Z"
Meaning the transporter has to figure out a way to clear the Border Patrol check points, the State Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies that work highway interdiction’s.  If they fail and they load is discovered, the transporter has to make up the loss, either with money, or your life, one or the other. It is not a very secure job,  because the Cartel means business, as you can see, it does not pay to make a mistake. If you try and hide, they will come after your family.

When is this violence going to end, who knows, but if you ask me not any time soon. Barack Obama’s Attorny General is seeing to that.  A sting operation Fast and Furious put into place by the ATF apparently went haywire to say the least. It’s purpose all though noble, derailed and it was discovered that weapons which had been purchased in the United States ended up in the hands of the Cartels, The ATF was supposed to keep track of the weapons as they were sold to buyers who were to deliver the weapons to Cartel members. All was done with the knowledge and consent of the ATF.  Apparently only a few weapons were traced into Mexico.  The incident which brought this into the public’s attention was the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was shot and killed near the border area in Arizona.  One of weapons at the scene was one of the weapons involved in Fast & Furious.

Is It Safe To Go To The Borders?
When some of the details wentpublic, Attorney General Eric Holder denied and knowledge of fast and furious. Since then, Holder has changed his tune saying he might have known something. All I can say Fast and furious has become an eye sore for Holder, hopefully he will be indicted for perjury at some point, the investigation into Holders knowledge continues, as does the violence on the border, which disproves  Janet NAPOLITANO’S statement of 11 March that the border is “Safer than it ever has been”. Well I will have to respectfully disagree, I have seen to much, I have heard how dangerous it can be. Of course there are areas which is not as dangerous as others, nut, I am not willing to take that chance.  I would like to keep my head intact.
Here is another border incident which proves how dangerous our borders are. On 1 October, 2010 David Hartley was shot and killed by cartel members as David and his wife Tiffany jet skied on Falcon Lake. They had motored over to an old church on the Mexican side of the lake to get a closer look, at which point they were noticed by cartel goons who were on a boot. The Hartleys tried to escape, but David was shot in the head. Daivd’s wife Tiffany attempted retrieve her husbands body, but was unable. Tiffany fled when she realized that the cartel goons were shooting at her as well.

Tiffany escaped capture and was not injured. However, her husbands body was never recovered, and the killers have not been recovered. Just one more bit of information, a local Mexican Commander was assigned to work on the Hartley case.  He met with Tiffany, shortly after the murder.  A day or two later a suitcase was dropped off at the Mexican Police department. The suitcase contained the head of the Commander who was assigned to work on the Hartley murder case. It was a signal to the rest of  Mexican Police, to leave the murder case alone.  As I said, the case remains unsolved.  

Even our country has refused to pressure Mexico into assisting Tiffany.  Ms Napolitano,  please, I implore you to explain to Mrs Hartley how secure our borders are.  I really doubt that you can appease her. One thing is for sure, you can lie with the best of them.

I will leave you today with this thought,  if you believe what Secretary Napolitano is saying, that our borders are as safe as they ever have been,  please come on down to South Texas or go to southern Arizona and talk with the people who are directly involved with border, they will tell you the truth of what is going on at the border.

Until next time my friends, God Bless and for goodness sake…Walk Slow and Drink lots of Water.

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