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United States  Backed  “WAR ON DRUGS” DRIVES UP DRUG PRICES”, ENCOURAGES TERRORISM (former foreign minister under Vincente Fox urges legalization) Says Former Foreign Minister!

Mexico begins playing the blame game with the United States, if this yo-yo keeps playing that game, I bet the cartels just might want to have a conference, what would you bet?  In my opinion, Mexico's former Foreign Minister, is a bigger idiot than I first thought.

The above statement and video is laying the blame of  Mexico’s problems at the doorstep of the United States fellow bloggers. Just legalize the drugs and all will be well, it will solve the problems of unemployment, and anything else that they can think of. Do you think for one minute that these drug cartels will allow passage of such a law in Mexico, you have to be kidding. They will butcher a few of Mexico’s senators and roll there heads down to the podium, I just wonder how they will vote then.

They are going to try and solve the problem over night, how stupid can you get, To many decision makers are on the take as it is, do you think that any of them will give up their wad of cash for the legalization of drugs, not on your life. They are too damn greedy.  The cartel, like the Middle Eastern terrorist, use "FEAR" to get what they want: FEAR is the EQUALIZER, whatever the Cartel, wants, they get, they use the fear of "DEATH". Stop and think about it. If you were told by the cartel,  to do something normally you would not, and fear was introduced into the equation

However, it is like the politicians in Mexico to blame the United Stated for their own failures. There fault that their own citizens are fleeing Mexico for a better life. Why, because the crook politicians have their hand in the till. No different than some of our own crooks in Washington. For some strange reason, some people do not really believe that there is a war full fledged war at our Southern Border. This war is no different than any other war, there are allies and there is an enemy. 

What makes this war so unique is the FACT it is being fought at the door step of the United States of America, this war is being prosecuted along the entire southern border of the United States, and the President of the United States is not doing one damn thing to protect the borders, leaving thousands of miles of border exposed to the Enemy. If not for the efforts of the United States Border Patrol,  the State Police, and the Sheriffs Office’s of those counties on the Border, the United States would be completely exposed to the enemies of the United States.   If that does not alarm you nothing will.

(Cartel Member Killed In Firefight In Diaz Ordaz Tamp)
This is a fact, I am not making this up one bit.  The Obama Administration has chosen to neglect the borders for one reason and one reason only, it is call racial appeasement. I guess now I will be labeled a racist, because I said racial appeasement, so be it. However I am not a racist against anyone, say what you like,  I am not a racist. Remember the saying, do not judge a book by it’s cover, very true, especially me. My last name of course you know is Parker, how ever I am Hispanic….BOO! Very true. 

I also have a pinch of Sioux native American as well. anyway. what Obama is doing is neglecting our southern border, Period.  Obama is trying to sell the fact that our Borders are fee and and clear of any violence.  The messenger Obama has spreading the word is,  none other than his very own……….Janet Napolitano, his Director of Homeland Security.  What else to you expect her to say,  especially when Obama instructs her to say the borders are safe.  I will try and show otherwise.

Cache of Weapons Seized after a Fire Fight near Reynosa Tamps.

About the Weapons you see pictured above.  The Mexican Army displays the  seized weapons after a raid operation on a drug HITMAN training camp near the Reynosa 50 km (31 miles) away from Brownsville 11 May 2010. The army seized MACHINE-GUNS , RIFLES, FOUR ROCKET-PROPELLED GRENADE LAUNCHERS, TWO ROCKETS, TWO CASES OF GRENADES, AMMUNITION, TWELVE TRUCKS and STATE OF THE ART COMMUNICATION RADIOS  DURING THE RAID, according to local media. One drug hitman died during the operation. It is amazing to me that the President of the United States and his puppet Janet Napolitano,  Secretary of Homeland Security can say without batting an eye tell the American people in good conscious, that our Borders are secure, because it is not.

Evidence of that is; just look at the the stacks of weapons depicted in the photograph, and this haul was from one raid, one raid. Can you imagine how any weapons are getting through on a daily basis. I am not just talking rinky dink weapons. You saw them, grenade launchers,  fragmentation grenades.

Cartel Grenade Launcher
The Cartels are well armed as you can see. The weapons that you see here were all seized in just one raid. Imagine the amount of weapons that they are currently in possession. Yes, I guess I was wrong,  the Borders are really secure. Haha

You have to have Grenades for the launchers, right!

The caption that is written in Spanish says the grenades were also seized in the raid where all the other weapons and ammo was seized. Again friends, these the Cartels have serious money, as you can tell.  If you think that the Mexican Army is going to stop this mess, not in our life time. Because of the economy of Mexico is worse than ours, Cartels have been able to pay off Mexican officials and pay citizens some money to assist the cartels as lookouts,  messengers and as I said yesterday, they have trained teenage kids as assassins, paying the kids as much as $2,000 a month. 

That is a lot of money for teenagers. It’s the lure of the money that people are willing to assist the cartel. When you are staving to death, and there are no jobs in your own country, you choices become limited. You know that in Mexico not going to pay welfare, not on a scale as the United States does. The other choice, even if  they do not want to help the cartel, because of the money, you wind up on the cartel payroll.  What the hell else can they do. The problem is, Mexico is making this our problem, because he know that Obama will give them welfare, hospital care all on the American Taxpayer. Now another problem.

Stolen Vehicles From the USA
Pictured above is 3 vehicles out of 12 that were recovered.  All of the vehicles that you see depicted above were stolen from the United States. Most Cartels have groups which they train to steal certain vehicles for them. They may come over and steal as many 10 to 12 vehicle at one time.  They have been stealing high end vehicles, Cadillac Escalades, High value pickups. They keep the vehicles until such point they are totally ruined, or shot to pieces. The cartel have other vehicles stolen to replace the ones that they ruined. It is a vicious cycle, that never ends. You damn near have to remove a tire from your vehicle before it is stolen.
Chevrolet Suburbans, Ford F250′s etc, you get the picture.  The victim reports his vehicle as stolen, files a claim with the insurance company,  a few weeks later, the insurance company pays the loss and buys another vehicle. No wonder our insurance rates go through the roof.   It is just a vicious circle. Yes, Napolitano is right, our Borders are Secure

Decapitated Rival Cartel Members
I spoke with a blogger buddy of mine who said to get this out so as many people as possible will get the message that our southern borders are not as secure as the bill of goods that Obama and especially Janet Napolitano say.  I hate to rain on their parade but the border is not secure, and there is no telling who or how many OTM’S have gained entry into the United States, a once proud Nation, who is being led down a path of destruction.  The Cartels are brutal and ruthless cold-blooded killers.

I am going to add in one other observation that many highly paid consultants are missing.  Maybe they did snap on what I am going to you; I have lived here in the Lower Rio Grande Valley my entire life, with the exception of 4 years where I lived in sunny San Diego, California.  Growing up in the Valley like I did, Mexico was a place my dad would take us. My Step mother is from San Luis, Potosi Mexico.  About a 6 hour drive from Brownsville.  

We never ever had issues with anyone, ever. Well lets back to now. Mexico is now seeing violence like never before, terrible violence. Car bombings, brutal body mutilations, as in carving initials into corpse like a “Z” for Zetas, and brutal decapitations with the heads thrown out in the streets for all to see, that is called intimation. The cartels want the locals to see the bodies, so they understand as to what can happen to them.  Mexico like any country has had murders, but not brutal decapitations.  

Now out of no where, we Mexico is experiencing car-bombings, brutal murders, decapitations. As I said, never happened much before. Do you know who is teaching the cartels these little tricks of intimidation.  Our Middle Eastern brethren, yes sir, the Hamas as instructed the cartels in how to make car bombs, and how to decapitate people. Like I said before, you never saw the cartel going public like they have now, before, it was secrecy, total secrecy, never operating in the open as they do today.

Remember What I told you, the Cartels, have always been present and operating in the United States, however they operated in complete secrecy.  They were so secret, you never knew who they were, you may be sitting next to the Cartel Kingpin and never know it.  Also the cartels attacked there rivals, but for the most part would not bother the locals.  Now it is a total different story. In the above picture, you are looking at the Zeta’s basic Uniform that they wear on a daily basis. they will also wear military style CAMO. 

Also, they have had patches sewn onto berets and they also use shoulder patches, much like what you would see on the local police. By wearing a uniform, they are telling the Mexican Army, and Federal Police, here we are, what are you going to do about it, and the response from most everyone except the Military is we are not going to get in your way.  Why you ask,,,would you, if you knew that if you even lifted a hand against any cartel faction, you head was chopped off and thrown in the street for all to see.  So the Federal Police for the most part are very ineffective against the cartel.

Headless Body Tossed Out like a Bag of Trash
If you can, take a look at the “Z” which is carved onto the chest of this man. The reason for this mutilation is two fold in my opinion. Number one, to let the general public  know that if you poke your nose into business that does not concern you, you will know the consequences. Number two, is to let the rival cartel know, that this soldier did not complete his mission, whatever that mission might have been.  

The Cartels just rule by force and murder, they take no prisoners.

muy fuerte   This video is very graphic, it a victim being decapitated, so viewer be WARE, this video is not suited for anyone under the age of 18.

This is extremely violent video. It shows the complete decapitation of some poor soul, who has no idea he is about to be murdered. Yes I agree, the borders are safer than ever before. If you believe that!  Then you are more than likely a liberal. 

I hate posting this type of violence, I have withheld the photos for a period of time, but I am sick and tired of our Secretary of Homeland  Security saying our borders are secure, they are not.
Please try and have a great weekend, may God Bless You all. and one other more thing…

Walk Slow and Drink lots of Water….cause it shore is dry out here.

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