Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Watch And Learn Something...You Might Be Surprised..

I was bouncing around You Tube, as I usually do when I stumbled onto this rather interesting video. at first I thought that it was going to be strictly about the klan, which I would not have been interested in, however once I started listening I was rather surprised at what it was really about. Listen to it, it is really quite interesting. There is absolutely nothing I can add to this that would make any difference at all. If you want really lean something listen to it. I really did something. Enjoy.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Thanks for visiting, thanks for commenting on my blog. I have included you in my The Usual Suspects blogroll.


The Prodigal Daughter said...

I was aware of this history. Some people just choose NOT to be informed, because of bias & lies that have been instilled in them. This applies to people of ALL colores, ALL races, and ALL ethnicities. Any one remember???? Anyone? I shared this to my fB, Shady. Thank you again for leading the way. :) <3