Thursday, June 30, 2011

Golf Anyone?

I remember very vividly when various commentators, especially Keith Olbermann went off on President Bush when he gave up golf while we were at war. Olbermann and HIS self rightous holier than thou attitude was at his best while chastising President Bush for giving up golf.  Olbermann referred to Bush as boneheaded in addition to every name he could think of and then some.  It was embarrassing to say the least when Keith Olbermann went off on a 10 minute rant against Bush; but what else could you expect from this far left ASININE bomb thrower.

Yes this is the same Olbermann who was suspended from MSNBC for giving donations to democratic politicians.  Now Keith has his very own little spot on Current T.V.  Congrats to you Keith. You should have stayed in sports. The problem I have with the bomb throwing, is Olbermann only bombs the right for the most part, that is his priveldge as lower tier broadcaster,  who can only dream about having O'Rielly like ratings. Unlike Olbermann,  O'Rielly tosses bombs in all directions, not just one direction. It is called FAIR.

The point I am trying to make is obvious; no one on the right gives a damn or says anything about Obama playing 72 rounds of golf  since Obama has been in the White House. Playing golf and jet setting around the country campaigning when the country is on the verge of total collapse. Where are you OLBERMANN, where are you and your right wing cronies bomb throwers; where are your verbal assaults and character assassignations on Obama for PLAYING GOLF at such a critical time, I am just wondering. 

Olbermann and the far left are no where to be found.  Olbermann and his right wing cronies are deathly silent when it comes to Obama, they are on a one way street while our country is headed down a slippery slope  into the abyss. One would think at this time, at this moment in our history that everyone in this country would unite to demand, to DEMAND from our leadership that they drop the name calling, drop the character assassinations and attempt to forge a plan to resurrect our country.  It is not going to happen, the name calling on both sides of the aisle will unfortunately continue as our country slips further and further down the slippery slope of no return. 

I can say this and nobody can tell me not to, so here goes. I pray to Almighty God that he unites our country and gives our leadership the courage to unite as one voice to solve the issues that we have and get our country on the right path, back to the prosperity that we once had, so that AMERICA can once again hold her head up high as the leader of the free world.   

These are just my thoughts and opinions, like them or not....


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In "Blank" We Trust... May "Blank" Bless You". Any One Seen GOD?

If I was an employee of the veterans administration, I certainly would not tell a soul. What in the hell is going on.  A failed attempt for the moment to remove GOD from our society, this time, they have crossed the line of common decency. The V.A. ordered  that any reference to GOD be removed from the memorial day services. Someone please tell me this was just a misunderstanding, please tell me it ain't so Joe. I wish I could.  With this incident, it is apparent that an all out assault on our lord and savior has begun. It appears now to this uneducated redneck, that the Government wants to remove GOD from our vocabulary. Well, as far as I am concerned, they can go to hell in a hand basket.

Source  Imagine how you would feel if you lost a loved one serving in the military. Your family has paid the ultimate price, protecting the freedoms that all Americans enjoy. And now friends and relatives have gathered at the “National Cemetery” for a funeral service and to pay respects to the departed. However, nothing can proceed until the words of the memorial service have been screened and approved. Sound a little far-fetched? Well, That‘s the battle that’s been happening between Texas veterans and the Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) for months.
Earlier this year, the (VA) asked that all specific references to God be removed from the Memorial Day ceremonies slated to be held at the Houston cemetery. A judge granted a stay against the VA and the prayers were allowed to go on without government oversight or editing. But the battle continued, despite a very clear warning from the bench:  the judge warned the agency it had stepped too far, saying officials were essentially “decreeing how citizens honor their veterans.”

But despite the judge’s warning, it seems the censorship has continued. 740 KTRH News Radio in Houston has interviewed several people who have experienced it first-hand: Attorney Jeff Mateer represents the Liberty Institute; he says the cemetery director won’t allow the use of “God” or “Jesus” unless the family submits the prayer in writing for her approval. “In addition, director Arlene Ocasio has stated the National Memorial Ladies cannot tell families ‘God Bless,’ they cannot communicate in writing or orally,” says Mateer. “And that violates the U.S. Constitution.”

What else can be done to the veteran, without our veteran, we would either be talking German or Japanese. Without hesitation our veteran has given us his all, they have had their legs and arms ripped from their body, for the sake of freedom. They have given up being with their loved ones, their sons and daughters wives,fathers and mothers to defend our country, to keep our lands free. What do we do in return, CHAPLAINS are no longer to refer to God in sermons, now they want to remove GOD when we honor our veterans. This makes me physically ill. It should make you ANGRY as hell. It is time that we as a nation, founded on JUDEO CHRISTIAN values stand up for our veterans, they need our support now.

(Houston Chronicle ) Agency Backs down after losing court fight over pastor's mention of Jesus in Memorial Day invocation at Houston Cemetery.

The nation's agency for military veterans has agreed to stay out of religious refereeing for now, backing down from its attempt to tell a minister how to craft a prayer for a Memorial Day invocation.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Fred Hindrichs told federal District Judge Lynn Hughes that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will not demand that Memorial Day prayers at Houston National Cemetery Monday be as non-denominational as possible. "(The agency) will let the prayer go on this Monday," Hindrichs told Hughes.   Read more:

This is not going to be the end of the story, I am sure of it, however, we as Country, need to stand up for our Christian values. If you are a non believer, fine, nobody is going to bother you, but do not try and force your beliefs on me, especially our veterans. I also have a suggestion, if you do not like the way we do things in the United States, then LEAVE, GET OUT.  We do not want you. Go live with the Taliban, go live in some radical Islamic Country.  In a country that will cane you, or stone your wife to death, or cut your hands off for stealing. If you do not like our Christian Nation, again I say get out, we do not need you at all.

Just because Barack Hussein Obama says that America is no longer a Christian Nation, does NOT  make it so. Just because Barack Hussein Obama says he is a Christian, does not make it so, but like always that is just my it or not.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Need a Diaper Change....Call TSA 24/7

DESTIN, Fla. Alice Wolke - A Florida woman filed a federal complaint after her terminally ill wheelchair-bound mother was asked to remove her adult diaper during an extensive pat-down, according to a new Alice Wolkes paper report.
The Northwest Florida Daily News says Jean Weber's 95-year-old mother was boarding a flight from Destin, Fla. to Michigan to be with family during her final days of her battle with leukemia.
Weber says her mother's wheelchair apparently triggered an alarm and they were both detained for 45 minutes.
“It’s something I couldn’t imagine happening on American soil,” Weber told the paper. “Here is my mother, 95 years old, 105 pounds, barely able to stand, and then this.”  Read More 

Can anyone comprehend what TSA did? I am still at a loss for words. Talk about stupidity to the 10th degree, look no further than what TSA did to this poor 95 year old granny, who happens to be suffering from terminal cancer.  “It’s something I couldn’t imagine happening on American soil,”  said Jean Weber, the daughter of the 95 year old who was subjected to search tactics of TSA. The blame for all of this fiasco is John Pistole, the director of TSA. It is becoming abundantly clear that Pistole is another in a long line of Obama appointee's that do not have a clue as how to keep America safe. If TSA attempts to defend the practice of searching the elderly, who are in the final stages of life, because it is protocol, then something is desperately wrong. Where is your COMMON SENSE; common sense is the one MENTAL FACULTY that is nonexistent within the leadership of the TSA. 

Definition of COMMON SENSE - "sound practical judgment. I see nothing matching that definition in this case, and many other like it.

I understand, as do most of travelling Americans,  that preboard security measures must be in place. However, I will refer again to COMMON SENSE. How simple it would be to put into place, the measures which Israel uses. They have 6 layers of security before you finally reach the boarding gate. None of the measures call for a search of a 95 year old granny, much less the removal of her "ADULT DIAPER"  

As long as Janet Napolitano is the Secretary of Homeland Security and John Pistole is the Director of TSA,  you will not see a change in TSA procedures. The lack of COMMON SENSE practices will continue. I hate to think that all between the travelling public and a terrorist boarding an aircraft is TSA and its a minimum wage employee with out a lick of experience. That is what I call scary.

Until the travelling public gets fed up with TSA and its abusive search tactics, don't complain when a 19 year TSA  person searches your mothers adult diaper or makes you remove your underwear because it feels odd. It has to start with YOU.

However, that is just my pig headed opinion, what is yours....

Friday, June 24, 2011

D.O.J. Operation.........."I'm Watchin........You"..

I guess the DOJ these days has nothing better do with their time other than sit around on company time and go BLOG browsing, or to put it bluntly, read blogs of people that do not agree with their agenda.

Now of course this is nothing more than my OPINION, and speculation of course. I can not prove nor do I want to believe that our government would stoop to such activities. However, I saw the stat-counters that show the IP addresses and the ISP information, which clearly shows that the DOJ has made multiple visits to The TexasFred Blog, a well known Texas blogger.

Fred is well known throughout the blog world and has never been shy about expressing his views and thoughts. I can say this for Fred, he is a Patriot and clearly loves his country, however, Fred, without doubt, dislikes the direction our country is headed under the Obama administration.

Recently Fred posted an article on the gun running scandal, Issa: ATF Chief Should Go but Higher Ups Also Culpable.

The article must have caught the attention of the DOJ because they have made multiple trips to The TexasFred Blog to read up on what he has been saying. I am sure that they must have gotten a burr under their saddle, as Fred's cup runneth over with his opinion. No one for sure will know why the DOJ has taken a real shine to TexasFred, but they have become real fans of Fred here lately.

Could it be he has struck a nerve with the truth?

Some people are of the opinion that Fred has disrespected the Agents and Law Enforcement in general. That is not the case at all. Fred has great respect for Police Officers and for the Special agents. If you do not know, Fred has a Son, Daughter in Law and Son in Law that are involved in Law Enforcement. Fred has a beef with the higher ups within BATF, not the agents.

This all stems from Eric Holder and Barack Obama indicating that they did not have knowledge of operation Gunrunner and Fast and Furious, which I will say again, is not possible.

How would anyone below the rank of Director be able to authorize such an operation that meant allowing sales of weapons into Mexico?

It does not pass the smell test.

Lets say, for the sake of argument, that the Director knew about the planned operation. He (Melson) would have had to have the approval of WHO? Eric Holder, the Attorney General, that’s who. Holder would in turn would had to have briefed the President. Maybe Holder didn’t tell the President, I do not know, but certainly Holder was briefed.

With that said, Holder and the Acting Director should be fired immediately, if not sooner. That is my take.

All I can say is this; draw your own conclusions based on the foot prints left by DOJ on the post by TexasFred. Could it just be a coincidence? Yes it could, but if so, then I would think that the DOJ needs to monitor their personnel closer, as the last I looked they should not be using company computers for personal business.

Unless, that is, they are conducting an investigation of some sort...but that is just my opinion.
Whats Yours...

Domain Name ? (U.S. Government)

IP Address 149.101.1.# (US Dept of Justice)
ISP US Dept of Justice
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Domain Name ? (U.S. Government)

IP Address 149.101.1.# (US Dept of Justice)
ISP US Dept of Justice Location Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : District of Columbia
City : Washington
Lat/Long : 38.9097, -77.0231 (Map)
Distance : 1,165 miles

Language English (U.S.)
Operating System Microsoft WinXP
Browser Internet Explorer 7.0
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; DOJ3jx7bf; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.648; .NET CLR 3.5.21022; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; InfoPath.2; DOJ3jx7bf; DOJ3jx7bf)
Javascript version 1.3
Monitor Resolution : 1280 x 1024
Color Depth : 32 bits

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hope and Change.....I Found Change..Where's Hope!

Just months away from the 3 year mark in Barack Hussein Obama's first term,   I can honestly say President Obama has delivered on his campaign promise for HOPE and CHANGE.  You read it correctly, President Obama has delivered on his promise of Hope and Change,  I have no idea where and the hell HOPE went, but he sure delivered on the CHANGE part of his promise,  I for one will vouch for the President on that.  Believe me,  BHO, has kept his word.  I do not understand what the right is screaming about, President Obuyme promised changed and he delivered so get over it. ...the proof is in the pudding, just look at the stat sheet above, the numbers do not lie...research it.  I do appreciate the gas prices, that really makes my summer vacation interesting to say the least.  I just do not understand why everyone is so pissed off at you, it is beyond me, I will ask around and and get back to you on that one. But in the mean time, keep on blaming George W. Bush for all of your failed policies, people will  understand,  you have only been in office for almost three years, whats to be expected.  If you play your cards right, you just might get away with blaming your complete 1st term failures on George W. Bush, give it a try, it just might work.   You also said you would bring about change, and you delivered, but for some reason,  I can't find the HOPE you promised, it has to be here somewhere, more than likely it was misplaced,  the HOPE was more than likely stolen by one of the millions who are unemployed and homeless.   But please do not worry my man,  go play some more golf, or go joy riding in Air Force One,  but please top it off with fuel when you get back.  You never know when you might have to take off on another joy ride at the expense of the taxpayer, and we don't mind at all, like the Nike commercial says,  Just Do It.  Just like you have done with the Non war in Libya. One question, how many wars, or non wars can we fight at once, do you have a clue?  Let's see, we have Iraq, Afganistan, now the war that is a NON war in Libya, with Yemen and Syria boiling over, hell, maybe China can just give us the money, and we can have some more NON wars. China owns us as it is..pull your head out of the sand.

Mr. President, with all due respect,  you need to gather up all of your weenie wagging constituents and get your act together or resign. Please quit playing "stupid" with the American people.  You have already exposed yourself, we know who you really are, and we know by your actions that you do not care one iota for this Great Nation, it is very apparent. Fool me once, shame on you,  Fool me twice, shame on me!

Trust us, that will not happen a second time.

See you Monday...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The I. D.B. "Iranian Daily Briefing...

Does anyone remember the days of when The United States would try and not spell out to it enemy of what and when and at what time something might happen. I know that this is not news, however I still get hot under the collar when I read in a foreign newspaper what the military would be doing. It is nothing now days with this administration to broardcast ahead of time what was being planned.  Obama might as well hold a daily world briefing on what our military plans are. Yes I know that it has been announced by BHO of the troop draw down, however when you read it in the Iran Daily News, it just tends to get under my skin, I do not know about you, but it sure bothers the crap out of me....just thinkin out loud, that's all.  Forget about CNN, Fox News ABC, just tune in to The Iranian Daily for all of your United States news, in real time.....sure rankles my dander.   Again I repeat, when your enemy knows what you do before it is done, its called check-mate,  thats just plain bad, just blows my little feeble mind. Just shut up already.

I am not sure if you heard already, but Pakistan arrested the informants that lead to the killing of Bin Laden, this is what I am talking about, thanks for helping, see you later pal.  I understand that in this type of operation it is extremely dangerous for the informants, however, I would hope that the US attempted to protect these individuals, but who knows the real truth, other than bin Laden is dead.  History will be the judge.

Obama to Mull Troop Pullout From Afghanistan

Iran Daily News 

The Obama administration will consider a plan to withdraw its 30,000-troop surge force from Afghanistan over the next 12 to 18 months, but give military commanders free rein to plot the drawdown's pace.

Six weeks after US special forces killed Al-Qaeda Leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, and as budget pressures intensify at home, support is growing in Washington for an aggressive move to curtail the US role in Afghanistan, Reuters reported.

Despite record violence, US commanders are hailing major advances in wresting territory away from a dogged Taliban insurgency.  The White House is waiting for Afghanistan Commander General David Petraeus to deliver his recommendations on how many troops to withdraw starting in July.  Former officials and commanders say President Barack Obama may well announce a longer-term plan to pull out the 30,000 extra troops he sent to Afghanistan following a review of US war strategy in late 2009.

If embraced by Obama, such a plan would set the US on a glide path toward a pared-down Afghanistan force, allowing military commanders to determine exactly when they send home troops within that framework, just as Obama did when he announced a timeline for pulling out US forces from Iraq.  It would differ markedly from the widespread expectation that Obama's announcement later this month would herald a one-time, smaller withdrawal by the year end.  The plan also could placate those in the US Congress, including Democrats skeptical of the war and a growing number of Republicans, who question what the United States can accomplish in Afghanistan after a decade of fighting.  "There's a precedent for that and it has worked well," said retired Lieutenant General David Barno, a former top commander who now tracks Afghanistan at the Center for a New American Security. "In a sense, it keeps both sides happy."  A former US official said Obama would likely get a trio of options from the military, rated according to risk.

Military commanders, including outgoing Defense Secretary Robert Gates, have warned that a precipitous draw down would endanger hard-won gains on the battlefield over the past year.  Behind those gains, the Pentagon sees the surge troops Obama sent to help a force that has grown substantially since Obama took office, from about 34,000 in early 2009 to 100,000 today.  The Afghanistan campaign is at a crossroads almost a decade after the Sept. 11 attacks that triggered the war. The Taliban has been driven out of strategic areas of its southern heartland, but insurgents have fanned out across the country and violence has surged along the Pakistan border.

The government of President Hamid Karzai remains weak and dangerously corrupt, and billions of dollars in western aid effort have only a meager record.

Until Next Time.....Shady

I will not be posting for the next few days as I attending to MY VACATION, see you next Monday, stay safe one and all..

Monday, June 13, 2011

The MileageTax....Truth or Fiction.....

Since Barack Hussein Obama has been in office, our country has done nothing but implode. The rhetoric coming from the his puppets are of course..."Blame it on Bush"  Obama to this very day has not put forth any viable solution and continues not to accept any blame for failures of his own administration and continues to blame the failures on GWB. That dog just does not hunt any longer. In the beginning, Obama could get away with blaming the other guy.  All of the new Presidents do it to an extent, but not for 3 years; at some point his (Obama's) actions or lack of action become very visible to most people and the President has to stand on his own record (provided he has one) of what he has done or has not done. Insofar as Obama's claim to fame, it is Obamacare, and who in his/her right mind would stand next to that dismal piece of legislation, except Obama and his crew.

Obama has his stooges out and about trying to invent additional ways to add revenue and further bury the "We The People" in taxes and policy failures.   The one tax that Obama will try attempt to pass at some point is a mileage tax.  That idea sounds wonderful and new, I love it already.   As it is Obama hates "America doing for America", and loves depending on Foreign products, IE, oil (go back and check out the remarks made by Obuyme while he was in Brazil),  and look at our trade deficit with China. Don't believe me, just go walking down the aisle at Walmart, or as I did the other day, and go strolling down the aisle at your nearest Hobby Lobby, almost every item I picked up came from WHERE???? You guessed it CHINA.

Now lets go back at look at this mileage tax.. The Obama administration floats a draft plan to tax "We The  People" by the miles we drive!!  However the White House indicates "This is not a bill supported by the administration".  Really? What is one to believe when you read that Obama wants to add 50 cents  to every gallon of gas. Just look at the taxes in every gallon of gas  as it is.

This country as you all know or should know, is on the verge of an economic collapse, and "We the People" have the the resources in our very own back yard to fuel part the recovery, and Barack Hussein Obama, knowing this will do absolutely nothing to fuel the recovery, and to commence the beginning to the end of this economic crisis. Three little words "DRILL BABY DRILL"  Have you ever heard of the Bakken formation,  I have and you need to know about it as well, there is an outstanding post that addresses this issue, just go to  TexasFred .  Fred addresses this very topic, in plain English, read it, and read it again, it is the truth, and no one is doing a damn thing about it.  Here we are sitting on 17 cent a gallon gasoline, but this  moron of a President would much rather have the people of the United States of America buy foreign oil.  Enter Brazil. The President pledges 2.5 billion in support for refineries, and promises the United States will be Brazil's "BEST CUSTOMERS"!  Again I refer to the Bakken formation sitting in our own backyard.  Why not invest in the future of your own country Mr. President?  Good Question Right Mr. President.
March 20 (Bloomberg) -- "President Barack Obama said he wants the U.S. to become one of Brazil’s “best customers” when recent oil discoveries come online and pledged to work with his counterpart, Dilma Rousseff, to deepen trade ties with Latin America’s biggest economy."

The bottom line, this is all B.S. there is no reason in the world that the United States can not dig its way out of this quagmire, part of which was left by my President,  George Bush, and compounded by Barack Hussein Obama to the tune of over $34.2 billion dollars a day since he took office. We can dig out of this sludge,  it CAN be done, but we are not going to spend our way out of it,  like Obuyme wants to do. 

We have very little time left before the roof caves in on our heads, very little....let us use the time wisely, and pray that 2012 brings the CHANGE that America desperately needs, Obama out office and away from Air Force One and back to Chicago.........

Until Next Time....


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Congressional Wall of Shame....

Rep. Anthony Weiner, said he has not done anything wrong, (really) Weiner has said he has not violated any house rules, therefore he has "no intention of resigning"...Weiner must feel he is invincible, hopefully his ANGEL'S HALO will drop around his neck. Weiner should not have any say in this matter, unless of course it has been proven that he had nothing to do with the incident, however, he has admitted his guilt. So he needs to go and go now.

Anthony Weiner has proved he is nothing more than a preverted pathilogical liar, period.  A hearing should be held at once and Weiner should be removed from office based on his own admissions of guilt. We the people entrust our confidence in our elected Representatives to do right, and to represent country and the people with dignity, as they would represent their own family.   I am sick of this pattern of behavior from our elected Representatives, and so should you. We place our complete trust in our Representatives and they continue to screw us over and embarrass the Country, and they have no remorse, because the behavior continues.  We are supposed to be the country that leads the WORLD by example.  What an example...., it just makes me ill.   Our country is on the verge of a total economic melt down and collapse, and all that Weiner could think about at the time was showing off his Cock-a-Doddle-D0 in a series of photographs he sent to various wemen, wemen that he did not even know. Now it comes to light that his wife is pregnant.  Ole Weiner however continues to give all of the pundits, comedians and, let's face it, something to talk about at the coffee shops.  Also, there's news of a possible Congressional ethics investigation, there should be no "possible" to it, just do the investigation. People say there are serious doubts about his political future, what future, he should resign NOW, but he will not resign, and nothing will happen to him at all, not one thing, 

Don't feel bad Weiner, you are not alone, there are many many more of you out there...What a disgrace, on top of everything this country is dealing with, we have to deal with  your disgraceful  behavior. Mr. Weiner if you were in the Great State of Texas you would have been  arrested, convicted and have to register as a Sex Offender.

All of the names you see listed below have at one time or another, according to the Washington Post have been involved in some type of lurid sex scandals. It is a list right out of  "Who's Who's.
From a former President of the United States, to Senators, Republicans and Democrats. WHAT an embarassment.

I understand that these idiots put on there britches like everyone else..."one leg at a time," however, the people listed below apparently tried to jump in with both feet at the same time. 



Former Rep. Gus Savage.
Rep. Barney Frank
Former Sen. Brock Adams.
Former Rep. Fred Richmond.
Former Rep. John Young.
Former Rep. Wayne Hays.
Former Rep. Gerry Studds.
Former Rep. Mel Reynolds.
Sen. Teddy Kennedy
Rep. Wilbur Mills 1974
Sen Gary Hart 1988
Sen. Bob Packwood 1995
Bill Clinton 1992 as candidate and as President
Rep. Gary Condit's affair w/Chandra Levy who disappeared 2001
Republican Jack Ryan 2004
Governor James E. McGreevey -2004
Mark Foley - R
Sen. David Vitter -R 2007
New York Governor Eliot Spitzer 2008
Sen. John Ensign 2009
Gov. Mark Sanford 2009
Rep. Mark Souder 2009

The above Congressional leaders have landed a spot on wall of shame, they placed their personal needs above the people they swore to serve..

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Foreskin Law....Only In San Francisco...Really

I really thought that is was a freaking joke the other day when I first heard about this nonsense and "FORESKIN MAN" I really did, "Kal-i-fornia" has bigger fish to be fried, like their State is bankrupt for starters, however they (San Francisco) worry about circumcision, unfreaking believable.  What a joke. Whats new, it just falls in line with their status as a sanctuary City/State, with a Sheriff who refuses do enforce the law.  As you see they are pushing off their beliefs without without consideration of other religious beliefs. Next thing you will see, is a city ordinance forcing all women to wear a Burka; as not to offend the Muslims, which will be followed by Pork Law Ordinance, which will no longer allow pork to be sold within the City limits of San Francisco. So if you sell pork, take it to Oakland and dump it in the Bay, the sharks will eat anyway,  Just read the article, it is up to you as to how you think, I have already made up my mind ............

 Nicholas Whittaker:The Imperfect Parent

"FORESKIN MAN"  was created by Matthew Hess, the first and second volumes show graphic images of monster doctors and evil Mohels fighting for “the penile flesh of an 8-day-old infant boy.” The hero, who some feel is of the Aryan variety, swoops in at the last second to save the infants foreskin.
Hess has come to the defense of the imagery. He told SFGate, “We’re not trying to be anti-Semitic. We’re trying to be pro-human rights.” But many aren’t buying it. The Anti-Defamation League is just one of the very vocal critics of the comic. They feel Foreskin Man is “disrespectful and deeply offensive,” and that it has “grotesque anti-Semitic imagery and themes.”

The Jewish Journal says the comic “gives further credence to the accusation that so-called intactivists are in fact motivated by antisemitism.” Hess even acknowledged there has been some controversy from his own camp. In a Twitter post he says, “Yes, there has been some internal criticism of the comic. That happens when you challenge the status quo.” The Foreskin Man controversy stems from the initiative to ban the procedure in California cities, such as San Francisco and Santa Monica. The measure will be on the ballot in November and if it passes, will outlaw circumcision for all underage males with no exceptions, religious or otherwise. The punishment for anyone who violates the would-be law could face a year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. Supporters feel that male circumcision, like female circumcision, is “a human rights issue”. Lloyd Schofield, who garnered enough votes to put the referendum on the ballot explains, “What you’re doing is you’re taking an infant and removing the most sensitive part of their body.”

While others feel it is a non-issue and is not comparable to female genital mutilation. One dissenter writes, “It’s not just that female circumcision removes nerve endings and reduces (or eliminates) the enjoyment of sex, it’s that this is the PURPOSE of female circumcision. The idea is that if women don’t enjoy sex, they won’t participate in premarital sex or adultery.” She goes on to say that, “The purpose of male circumcision is to sacrifice a small part (an arguably unnecessary part) of oneself as a sign of obedience to God. Whether the foreskin is actually unnecessary, and whether it is right to make that choice on behalf of an infant is a point of contention, but at least you can’t argue that the parents’ intention is to harm or restrict their child’s future sexual enjoyment.”

Who is it but for the parents to decide what is right insofar as their religious beliefs, or if they just plain want to want to circumcise their kid, that is their right as a parent, not the City of san Francisco.  As long as the procedure is done in a bankrupt  State, preformed in a medically approved facility, and by a physician, duly licensed in the State of KAL-I-FORNIA,  which is governed by a duly elected adulterer, I do not see what the up roar is. It appears to me that San Francisco has all of its ducks in a row. Are you kidding me, San Franciso, go get you shitz together and quit trying to run someone else's house hold, you can't even run your own, much less someone else.

Until next time....Shady

Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh The Poo.........The Poo Mummy!...What Shall I Do?

No Words Needed at all for this one!
I saw this on a fellow bloggers page, Knuckledraggen my life away @
It is great, check him out, there is no doubt on how he stands, none what so ever!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Debbie Wasserman Shultz - Has No Clue

12 Million Illegal
"I think the President was clearly articulating that his position, the Democratic party position, is that we need comprehensive immigration reform. We have 12 million illegal aliens in this country that are a part of the backbone of our economy. It is not only a reality, but a necessity. And it would be harmful if --the Republicans solution that I have seen in the past three years is that we should just pack them all up and ship them them back to their own countries, and that in fact it should be a crime and we should arrest them all.
I mean that was the legislation that Jim Sensenbrenner advanced a couple of years ago."

Obama Says, "I Do Not Know Something"
I believe in immigrations, I have family from Mexico, but each and everyone of them, took the pathway to American, they immigrated legally. Did it take time, yes it did, but they complied with the immigrations laws. Wasserman Schultz is advocating that all illegal aliens be allowed to stay, not even knowing who is here or who these characters are, or why they are here. Most all say they are here to work, but are they. How do you know that they are fleeing their country for breaking some law, we don't know,  how many in the bunch are killers, rapist, terrorist, Wasserman Schultz has no idea.  Now we have cities advertising they are sanctuary cities, San Francisco, with the Sheriff releasing illegal aliens before they can be picked up by ICE, and not checking backgrounds when arrested. Which is S.O.P.  in most cities and counties. Those were the comments made by Debbie Wasserman Schultz. One would think she knows that being in this country without the proper documents is ILLEGAL.  How many of the 12 million pay taxes, social security medicare, very, very, very few. Everyone knows the illegals are draining our entitlement system. Don't just blame the Hispanics, we have tons of other illegal aliens in this country. By the irresponsible comments Wassermann-Schultz needs to go. She is facilitating a crime by just advocating that the illegal aliens stay in the country. 
                              "US Laws Declare it is Illegal To Aid or Abet Illegal Immigrants"

It is unlawful for anyone to aid or assist aliens to enter the United States. Penalty: fined under title 18, United States Code, or imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both. ( Sec. 277. [8 U.S.C. 1327] )      "To our esteemed member of Congress, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the below caption laws are for you to take home and study, one would have thought that by now you would understand that it is ILLEGAL to be in the United States without the proper legal documents issued by our government. Please Study, the Test will be in November 2012, let us see how much you have learned."  Please prepare.

Most Americans know our basic laws regarding illegal immigration. It is illegal to enter the United States without permission. The first time an illegal immigrant is caught in the US it is a misdemeanor civil offense. This is because we want to be able to quickly return illegal aliens to Mexico or Canada, when they are caught at the border without the rigors of a jury trial.
                                          It is Illegal To Bring Illegal Aliens Into US under current LawsIt is unlawful for any person to bring aliens into the United States. Fine: $3,000 for each alien (Sec. 273. [8 U.S.C. 1323])
  It is Illegal To Harbor Illegal Immigrants. It is unlawful to bring in or harbor illegal aliens. Fine: $3,000 for each alien. (Sec. 273. [8 U.S.C. 1323] )
It is Illegal To Employ, Recruit, or Refer Illegal Aliens for Jobs. It is unlawful for a person or other entity- to employ or recruit or refer for a fee an illegal alien in the United States. Commercial advantage or private financial gain offender can be fined under title 18, US code, imprisoned for not more than 10 years, or both. ...Any person who, during any 12-month period, knowingly hires for employment at least 10 individuals with actual knowledge that the individuals are aliens described in sub paragraph (B) shall be fined under title 18, United States Code, or imprisoned for not more than 5 years, or both. (Sec. 274A. [8 U.S.C. 1324a] )

It is Illegal To Harbor Illegal Immigrants. It is unlawful to bring in or harbor illegal aliens. Fine: $3,000 for each alien. (Sec. 273. [8 U.S.C. 1323] )
**LEGAL Immigrants Must Know English, US History, US Laws, and Principles**. No person shall be naturalized as a citizen of the United States who cannot demonstrate: ... An understanding of the English language, including the ability to read, write and and speak words in ordinary usage in the English language.
... A knowledge and understanding of history, and of the principles and form of government, of the United States. ( Sec. 312. [8 U.S.C. 1423] )

Wasserman Shultz defends illegal aliens and would just give them a free pass, she does not care and it appears to support open borders. Her life has not impacted by an illegal alien. Please go talk with the family of Houston Police Officer Kevin Will who was run over and killed by a drunk driver. The driver, who just happened to be an illegal alien, deported twice before. Wasserman-Schultz go look his family in the face and tell them how you feel about illegal aliens, maybe they will take pity on your stupid ignorant foolish beliefs on illegal immigration,  because I certainly will not, and neither will most America.

Did you attend the officers funeral Ms. Wasserman Schultz? More than likely NOT.

Until next time... Shady

Nepalese Hero - "Move Over "Rambo"

Cpl Pun and his
Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
Cpl. Dipprasad Pun, 31 a Nepalese soldier in the British army was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross  by the Queen Elizabeth on Wednesday for his heroics in Afghanistan, where he single-handed fought off more than 30 Taliban fighters. (Rambo ain't got anything on Cpl Pun).  An unbelievable act of bravery, and Cpl Pun is quite deserving of the award.Cpl Pun, from the 1st Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles.  The CGC award is the second highest award for bravery, second only to the Victoria Cross.

Pun said that he was motivated by the thought that he was going to die. It matters not from what country these brave young soldiers are from, it is nice to know that they are fighting for all of us and for our freedoms. Cpl Pun, an acting sergeant during his Afghan deployment, was on sentry duty at the time of the attack when he heard a clinking noise outside the small base. At first Pun thought it might be some type of animal,  but when he went to investigate he did find animals, Pun found two insurgents animals digging a ditch to bury an improvised explosive device (IED) at the checkpoint´s front gate.  Cpl Pun was able to defend the base from the roof, the Cpl Pun remained at his position under continuous attack from rocket-propelled grenades and AK47s for more than fifteen minutes under withering fire. According to reports, Cpl Pun fired more than 400 rounds, launched 17 grenades and detonated a Claymore mine to starve off the Taliban assault on his checkpoint near Babaji in Helmand Province, southern Afghanistan, last September. Incredible firefight, and Pun won. There are really no words available to describe the soldiers that lay it on the line for all of us, they do it at a moments notice without regard for their own safiey.  We owe all of the soldiers a debt of gratitude for their service, irregardless of what country they are from, if they are fighting for freedom, they are fighting for all of the free world, and I for one am very grateful for what they do in the name of freedom.

May God Bless them and be with them and keep them safe....


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

News Flash..Nazi's Defeated...Not so Fast..There Back

The allies defeated Nazi Germany in 1945, closing out WWII.  Egypt followed Tunisia with its fight for the right to be free, the right to do and say as the people want, well not so fast my peace loving friends. While you and I have been sleeping at nights a new Nazi Party has reared its ugly head, where you ask, in Egypt, the place where we off load billions of dollars in foreign aid. A group of Egyptians have announced their intent to establish a Nazi party with "a contemporary frame of reference," an independent Egyptian news website said on Wednesday.

by Al Masry al Youm
"Al-Badeel, a leftist news portal, quoted founding member Emad Abdel Sattar as saying the party would bring together prominent figures from the Egyptian society. The party’s founding deputy is a former military official.
The party believes in vesting all powers in the president after selecting him or her carefully, Abdel Sattar said, adding that preparations are underway to choose the most competent person to represent the party.
The Nazi party operated secretly under former President Hosni Mubarak, whose regime prevented party leaders from carrying out their activities freely. Although Al-Masry Al-Youm could not verify the news reported by Al-Badeel, two Facebook pages have appeared recently under the title of "the Egyptian Nazi Party".

Nazis Make A Comeback In Egypt

"On May 31, 2011: Egypt has overthrown its dictator (for three decades) and is preparing for the first free elections in 60 years. This means a lot of new political parties are being formed to back candidates for parliament and president. One group has formed a National Socialist (or Nazi) party, to elect a leader who will rule like a dictator. These Egyptian Nazis are quite open in their admiration of fascist dictators and their belief that this form of government is needed to bring order and prosperity to Egypt.

This is ironic on many levels. While Arabs love to call Israelis "Nazis", it is the Arab world that is the true heir to the Adolph Hitler's vision of how the world should be. A major weapon in the Arab arsenal is anti-Semite's. For a long time, even before World War II, the racial hatred tactic was particularly popular in the Arab world. This was partly the result of Islamic radicalism, which pushed hatred of all non-Muslims, not just Jews. But as more Jews began moving into Jerusalem and surrounding areas in the late 19th century, more of the Muslim racial animosity was directed at Jews.

This was not the usual ethnic animosity found in Europe, but something more in line with the extreme violence of the Nazis. In fact, during World War II, the Nazis were very popular in the Arab world. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (the highest Islamic official in the area) spent the war in Berlin (to avoid arrest by the British). Iraq, which had become independent during the 1930s, declared itself a German ally in 1941 (and was promptly invaded and re-conquered by three British divisions, before the Germans could get many troops into the territory of their new ally). After World War II, the Arab language media continued Nazi-grade anti-Semitism. The Arabs had enough sense to tone down this race hatred, and pro-Nazi talk, in their English language media.
But it's not just the Arabs. In occupied Albania, during World War II, local Muslims were recruited into SS divisions, whose task was to hunt down and kill Christian guerrilla's. There was no shortage of volunteers. The pro-Iranian Shia group in Lebanon, Hezbollah, use the Nazi straight arm salute as their own, and senior officials in Iran constantly talk admiringly of Hitler and the Nazis. Thus it should be no surprise that a group of Egyptians wants to establish a new Nazi party, one that is based on the belief that Arabs are the master race, and one competent and strong leader will lead Egypt out of its current troubles and into a bright future. Full of admiration for Adolf Hitler, these new Nazis seem to have conveniently forgotten what happened to the original Nazi party.

The Covenant of The Islamic Resistance Movement If you feel you have the time, please read the link, what you will read, might just shock you, it does me. When I think that no race can hate another race as the Nazi Party did, remember 6 million Jews exterminated. If America, and I mean America as a government does not wake up, I am so afraid that the attempt to run the Jews into the sea will begin. And in my view, President Obama has turned his back, once again on Israel. As of today, this President has not made a trip to Israel. Why is this? I do not know, i can only speculate. I speculate he hates Israel, therefore one could conclude he must hate Jews, I just do not know the answer to that one."

This Nazi movement is scary, and we had better take notice of where it is headed.

Until next time, May God Bless......I can still say God Bless Right, thought so.!