Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Let's Party Dude....$35,000 A Plate Please!

I am going to go tell
Nancy on You!
President Barack Hussein Obama "aka" President Decepticon is on his way to Chicago to celebrate his 50th birthday. He must be tired and needs to recoup after the debt crisis battle. What better way to unwind than going to Chicago, the land of Al Capone, Obama's idol. Yes America, he is flying his family, his friends, the media and if you look real hard you will find Obama's good ole socialist buddy Van Jones somewhere in the mix. Jones will go disguised as Bill Ayers.  As you and I both know, this is a fundraiser disguised as a birthday party.

What really fries my butt is Obamas constant abuse of Air Force One. The Country is suffocating in debt,  the economy is stagnant,  and the jobs are like what Ross Perot said some years back, "do you hear that sucking sound? Well that is the sound of our jobs leaving the United States for Mexico and China" and other countries unknown to this writer. With that said the president flys off with his entourage and family in tow. Destination, Chi-town for Hussein's 50th birthday (fund raiser) extravaganza on the taxpayers nickel. Lets see if the Dems are going to reimburse the government for the expense of flying Hussein Obamas family to Chi-town ......I suspect NOT.
     Lets Party Dude
Well lets look at some numbers from the inside out...OK, now when I get finished do not try and say what about President Bush, there is no contest, Obama has smashed the record for the use of the 747.

  • – Of course, a plane earns its keep only when it is flying. That takes fuel — lots of it.  Air Force One’s four engines together burn about one gallon of Jet A fuel per second. Hourly fuel costs are about $80,000.
  • – How many hours in year does Obama spend in Air Force one? Let’s guess and call it 15 hours a week, or 750 hours a year. Fuel costs alone, therefore, would be $60 million a year.
  • – Roughly, the annual carrying costs and fuel costs of Obama’s big fat jet comes to $100 million, give or take. My round number is supported by the National Taxpayer’s Union finding that Air Force One costs $181,757 an hour to operate, all in.  Obama would have to fly 552 hours to hit $100 million-a-year by this calculation. However you analyze it, the cost of Air Force One comes in at around $100 million Read More 
So lets return to Obamas birthday trip (fundraiser) to Chicago, now mind you I am guessing but I would say the flying time to Chicago from Washington D.C. is about 2 hours, give or take 15 minutes or so. Using the figure of $181,757 per flight hour, that totals $363,514 dollars, tax payer dollars of course. Now of course you do know that I have not included the cost for the Secret Service advance team, or the cost of the presidential limos, the white house staff, the overtime, and the food catering. The list goes on and on; without requesting the total cost from the White House, one would have to guess on the total turn key expense of this little birthday gig. I would venture to say it will cost "We The People", a few hundred million.  I know what the libbers will be saying, well Bush did it too, as well as Clinton so on and so forth. Yes I agree, they did it as well. However, the difference, Obama is the President, and our country is on the verge of collapse. Obama has done nothing to solve the problem.

Obama tells us "We The People", to go buy those little electric cars he likes so much, ride a bicycle, or walk, fine I will and have I have cut back. However, our esteemed leader, does not lead by example.  Their was no reason Obama had to go to Chicago for his alleged birthday, call it for what it is, a political money maker that was planned on Obama's birthday. They could have planned the party at the White House and saved us, "We The People" a few hundred million dollars.  This just goes to Obama's smug in your face attitude. That is why he is always trying to take from the rich and give to the poor, that is his goal, socialism, he says it every day. The rich has to pony up and pay more, except him of course.

It is time to draw the line in the sand, if you have not seen what the Obama DOCTRINE is by now, chances are you will never know, until it is to late. If you love socialism, Obama, is your man. If you are one who supports having your guns taken from you, Obama is your man. If you support a monster government, with more government regulations, Obama is your man. If you support a president that HAD a confirmed socialist (Van Jones) as one of his czars, then Obama is your man. If you support your president whose close friend was a domestic terrorist ( Bill Ayers) Obama is your man. If you support a president who truly supports taking from the rich and spreading the wealth, then again, Obama is your man.

As for me, Obama and his cronies, can go straight to .............well you know what I mean. I will not support him and will do my level best to see that he is defeated.......

Oh yes before I forget,.....Happy Birthday.....Barack, or Barry or whatever your real name is..

God Bless and until the next time..Keep your powder dry..

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Mrsupole said...

The funny thing about Socialism or Communism is that the few who are in charge of the mindless cattle, live a very rich life style. They steal from the pockets of the poor, and then fill their coffers, while jailing or killing those who question what they are doing. Socialism is no different than living in a dictatorship.

When will the masses wake up and smell the crap that comes from those who spew the lies and deceit about how great it is to live in a big government land of entitlement country. That is really a country with class warfare. One class who has everything they can steal, and the other class who mindlessly lets them steal it.

What a great life socialism provides. Those who promote it do so because they feel they have a higher intellect than the masses they wish to control. Who knows maybe they do have something better than the masses who "let" themselves be controlled because they are not using their minds. For many it is easier to be told what to do then to figure out what you need to do on your own.

If every position was just one term and they had to wait a full term before applying for another term then maybe none of our tax money would be used for fundraising. Or if all fundraising expenses had to be reimbursed by the candidates funds then that would also save our tax money. Every hour the prez is using Air Force One, the money could be used towards paying off someone's mortgage. But instead our taxes are wasted on making sure these people "have" use of a private expensive jet. We need to change these rules.

Maybe with time and with more people increasing and using their intelligence to fight the corruption of our government, then things may change. Our agenda should be to keep others informed.

(Lucky to get this comment posted, it must have went offline about 4 times while writing it.)

God bless.