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"FBI investigates Border Patrol Shots-Fired Incident"

"FBI investigates Border Patrol Shots-Fired Incident"

Now Those Rocks Should Not Hurt Anyone!
This is an  story concerning a United States Border Patrol Agent being investigated for firing his weapon after being attacked by people or kids throwing rocks at the Agent(s) on or about 7 March 2012.

I just feel it is absolutely that the Agents are being made to go through these types of investigations, and probable law suits brought on by foreign nationals. and most are illegal.  In doing a little research, I found a story posted by where they defend the use of rocks, and rocks are HARMLESS. So harmless, the Arabs use rocks to teach women not to be RAPED. I was appalled at that statement. Hopefully when you read the article, you will disturbed by such statements.

What is it these days; are Border Patrol Agent(s) not allowed to defend themselves for any type of threat. Recently an Agent fired his weapon in the area of a group throwing rocks at an agent(s). Rocks are deadly; yes rocks kill and can cause sever injuries and death. No doubt about it, just ask Goliath of you don't believe me, sorry he was killed by David by a rock thrown by a sling-shot. At least that is what the bible said, and I am a firm believer in the bible. Just do not burn my bible, I might go off the deep end and start a riot and well, you what I mean.

It appears that people are just over zealous in trying to sue the United States Border Patrol. They feel it is not only an easy path to citizenship, but as well, it is an easy path to a bank account full of money.  The United States Border Patrol has the right to defend them selves from any threat in which they fear for their lives or serious bodily injury. If you try to stab an agent with a knife, chances are you will be shot to death. If you pull a pistol, or rifle, the chances are very high that you will be shot and killed. The Agents have the right to defend themselves in the face of an attack and the right to go home to their family, more so than an illegal alien who is attempting to injure or kill the agent(s). You may not like it,  but that is just the way it is.

"On March 21st, a Border Patrol officer unjustly shot and killed an obviously innocent Mexican teenager named Carlos Lamadrid, who had fled back to the border wall in Douglas, Arizona in a truck transporting a mere forty-eight pounds of marijuana. As he tried to climb a ladder to the top of the wall and reach safety in Mexico, the agent shot and killed him.  The agent’s incredible excuse was that the young gentleman was pelting him with rocks – an allegation denied by a spokesperson for the protesters, who explained that someone else had thrown the rocks. Even if the allegation were true, that is no excuse;  as all right thinking people know, rocks are harmless and are used for that reason in some Arab countries to help young female persons not to be raped again."

This is a direct quote from P.Tatler Media, it is not something that I made up. I could not have made up any thing that stupid or ignorant. That rocks are harmless, that is the reason some Arab countries use rocks to HELP YOUNG FEMALES PERSONS NOT TO BE RAPED AGAIN.

Yes I can see that, that would certainly keep a women from being raped; you dig a hole stick him or her in the hole and throw rocks at her to teach her a lesson about not getting raped again.

 Also, how about the statement, a "just a mere 48 pounds of marijuana." As if the dopers wouldn't protect this load like any other load;  this  has to be one of the most ignorant and stupid statements I have ever read in my adult life. Stupid people say stupid things.  If it is rock throwing is so harmless, let me dig a little hole, stick your ass in it and let me throw a few little rocks your way, I am 6 foot tall weigh about 260, I am sure should I hit you with a little rock or two it will not hurt you one little bit, I promise.

So what you have said, it is not dangerous for "kids" throwing rocks, I will have to  disagree, anther stupid statement.  So long as the agents adhere to their policy of use of force, or use of deadly force, then the agent is within the law. Again, if the agent is outside of the Policies then of course he will be punished. I do not condone brutalizing anyone' I am however a supporter of the Agents/Police being allowed to defend themselves, and yes even against rock throwers.
I am sick and tired of the police being made out to be the bad-guy in all of the incidents. Yes, so officers have crossed the line, I am very well aware of that. I also being in punishing those officers to the fullest extent of the law, they are a disgrace to the good men and women who protect our Borders daily.

The problem is, you have organizations that do not believe that. They believe that it is justified for an illegal to attack a Border patrol Agent. Some even condone violence.

Here is another quote directly from P.J. Media, "President Obama must go immediately to Douglas and "APOLOGIZE" for these atrocities which are inconsistent with all civilized rules of engagement. He must also order the "DISBANDING" of the Border Patrol and ask La "RAZA" to take over its duties. Talk about a joke, that is a joke if I have ever heard one, La Raza take over Border patrol duties, talk about stupidity, this borders on the second most ignorant thing I have ever heard of.  The one thing that might happen, is that Obama going over to apologize, he is damn good at that for sure.

Understand this, I believe in law and order, I believe that people should follow the rule of law, and that includes people who enter ANY country illegally. Each country have their immigration laws and they have procedures on how to legally enter the country. I have obtained a passport or a visa, depending on the country I visit. In Mexico, I present my United States Passport at he port of entry, in other words you do it legally. If you decide to enter the country illegally and get caught, you pay the price. In Mexico, you are jailed, and kicked out of the country. Their immigration laws and HARDCORE,  yet they complain that we mistreat the citizens that we apprehend.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, encourages illegal immigration, to the point he allowed the President of Mexico to address a joint session of Congress. What made this circus so disgusting, was a foreign President, in our Hallowed Halls of Congress, and he scolded the United States of America, DO YOU REMEMBER THAT INCIDENT? I certainly do. I was embarrassed. I am an American Patriot, I do not know if you are. As far as I am concerned, President Felipe Calderon, cam go straight to hell.  I have not changed my stance, as I posted on this the following day of the address.

What inspired me to refer to this again, is the whining and crying of Mexico. They whine and complain because our Agents shot at someone throwing rocks to them. I guess that they prefer that the agent suffer a cracked skull, leaving them a non-functioning vegetable for the remainder of their lives, leaving their family with little or no income, and the family without a father and husband.  If you think I am wrong in my opinion, too bad. I expect anyone who protects our Borders, to be able to go home at night, not to be murdered by a kid throwing rocks.

The one's to blame this fiasco is Barack Hussein Obama and President Felipe Calderon.  One for not ordering the borders secured ordering his Attorney General to enforce our current immigration laws and the other for not having any type of economy and for having a military so corrupt that it is controlled by the drug cartels. So in essence, the Mexican citizens have a choice to make.

Either stay in their own country and work for pennies on the dollar and starve their families, or work for the drug cartels as contract killer or drug courier (mule) and either leave their family for a life of crime or be KILLED and beheaded as an example to others who do not cooperate with the cartel.
I would say that it is not much of a choice to choose from. So on one hand, you can morally understand why the immigrants make their illegal venture. Hunger and supporting your family makes you do things you may not normally do. Here is the however, however, it is still illegal to enter the Unites States without the proper documents.  “Catch 22”.

The problem is, Mexico is so corrupt nothing will be done. They are so corrupt nothing will be done, because they DO NOT WANT it done, they like they free ride on United States CURRENCY,  they speak volumes for those hard of hearing.

I will close in saying that Mexico and and won't address the immigration problem, nor do they have a solution for the drug war that has now spilled over the borders into the United States.  Isn't this the real reason behind the Agents being pelted and stoned with Rocks? Yes it is.  It is the failure of Mexico to adhere to an economic platform that would or could start their country back on course, however, they WILL NOT. So they have placed their citizens in a MUST do something to feed the family. So they do, they enter the USA illegally and sometimes get caught, and in some occasions, they stone agents and get themselves killed.  Too bad.

The aliens have a free ride on the back of UNCLE SAM, who is paying the salary, paying the medical expenses, educating their children, and at what cost to the illegals, NOT ONE RED CENT.  We the taxpayer pay for it, you and me. So there is no incentive for the aliens to go home, no pressure in the United States. Immigration, Customs Enforcement, "ICE', has been ordered to stand down and not arrest nor deport anyone that is pending a deportation hearing, even if they are criminals.
Go and enter Mexico illegally, if caught,  you will be arrested jailed and deported.  They have one of the toughest immigration laws on the books,  yet their President criticize the United States for being too harsh on his citizens.

Go figure that out...I have not been able to, I guess Obama has all of the answers :lol: !!

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