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The Tale Of Hero - Spc. Dennis Weichel

The Tale Of Hero - Spc. Dennis Weichel

What we hear in the press or from Obama is one apology after another, or we see with our very own eyes the the leader of the free world bowing before the King of Saudi Arabia, which in a sense Obama is bowing to Islam.
It is, for those who care about such things and many do and for good reason a serious breach of protocol because as a matter of dignity, as a matter of American values,and as the top representative of the American people, the American President BOWS TO NO ONE.

Another thing the mainstream media loves to broadcast,  mainly because it involves the United States Military, is the death of civilians involving military personnel. Now of course I understand that a soldier who kills 16 civilians is wrong. However this soldier was on his 4th tour of duty, and more than likely was suffering from PTSD.  However, at the moment this does not matter to the media, not to the Obama administration. The media would prefer that the United States military be remembered for one accidental burning of a Koran,  and for the actions of one soldier who suffered from PTSD, it's shameful.

As in the Koran burning Obama is apologizing to anyone who will listen, and will toss a United States Soldier under the bus if it serves him. He despises the United States Military. The man has no intestinal fortitude and is gutless as far as I am concerned. I will say this, I do not condone the killing of civilians by anyone at anytime. Unfortunately it happens during war(s), either by accident or by a soldier(s) who are undiagnosed and are suffering form PTSD, and they snap. Is it right, morally no it is not, but it happens nonetheless.

What really pisses me off, the media is ready to castigate military personnel when they can, but when the opportunity comes about to show what 90% of our military is all about, they do absolutely nothing. As in the story of Spc. Dennis Weichel, the official Pentagon news release says he died “from injuries suffered in a noncombat related incident.” But there is much more to the story. Weichel, 29, of Providence, died saving the life of a little girl. I heard not one word of this, maybe something was said and I missed it, nonetheless I still stand by what I have said, the media has selective reporting....period.

According to the Rhode Island National Guard and the U.S. Army, Weichel was in a convoy a week ago with his unit in Laghman Province, in northeast Afghanistan. Some children were in the road in front of the convoy, and Weichel and other troops got out to move them out of the way.

Most of the children moved, but one little girl went back to pick up some brass shell casings in the road. Afghan civilians often recycle the casings, and the girl appeared to aim to do that. But a Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicle was moving toward her, according to Lt. Col. Denis Riel of the Rhode Island National Guard.

MRAPs, as they are known, usually weigh more than 16 tons. Weichel saw the massive truck bearing down on the girl and grabbed her out of the way. But in the process, the armored truck ran him over, Riel said. The little girl is fine. Weichel died a short time later of his injuries.
“He was a big kid at heart. He always had a smile on his face, and he made everyone laugh,” 1st Sgt. Nicky Peppe, who served with Weichel in Iraq, is quoted as saying in an Army story. “But as much as Weichel was funny, he was also a professional. When it was time to go outside the wire for a combat patrol, he was all business.”
Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee has ordered flags in the state lowered to half-staff until Weichel, who was posthumously promoted to sergeant, is laid to rest Monday.Weichel is survived by his parents, his fiancee and three children. His family will be awarded a Bronze Star and other awards for his sacrifice. (weasel zippers blog)

These are the stories that are seldom heard or told, this soldier stood for what the United States Military is known for, valor.   Spc. Dennis Weichel, died, saving a little girl he never knew, yet he knew what he was doing could cost him his life, however, he never gave it a second thought.

Weichel gave his life for that child who may very well grow up never knowing that if not for the actions of Spc. Weichel, her life would have been cut short; instead Dennis Weichel will never see his family again, he will not have the luxury of seeing his children grow up, he will never hold his children close to his chest, he will never be able to stroke their face, he will never see his children graduate from school, he will never hear the words parents love to hear... "I LOVE YOU DADDY", yes all of that and more are forever gone; yet we choose to print criticize and castigate the American Soldier.

The Soldier who has given his life for his Nation, and in this case, given his life for that "ONE LITTLE GIRL."  I weep as I write this, because I stand proud as an American Patriot,  made possible by the United States Military, who has given so much, but received so little.

It shames me to see a leader, embarrass the United States of America by the actions I mentioned in my lead paragraph, it proves beyond any doubt that Hussein Obama has no class and does not respect the United States of America in any form shape or fashion.

May God Bless the family of Spc. Dennis Weichel, who did not die in vain, but gave his life willingly and without hesitation for one little girl,  and May God Bless the United States and the United States Military.

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