Sunday, March 4, 2012

Van Thomas Barfoot Passes Away at Age 92

WWII Veteran Col. Van Thomas Barfoot Passes Away at Age 92

A World War II Medal of Honor recipient who made headlines for his fight to fly an American flag in his Virginia front yard, has died. Retired Army Col. Van Thomas Barfoot was 92. Barfoot gained national attention and even support from the White House in 2009 when he fought to keep his 21-foot flagpole at his Henrico County home after the homeowners association ordered it removed and threatened to sue him. The association later backed off, but Barfoot’s fight led to a state law making it tougher for homeowners associations to restrict the flying of the U.S. flag. (source)     

This really is one of the most classless acts I have ever heard of.  An insult to all American veterans who fought and died for this country, the bottom line was Col. Barfoot prevailed and he keep his flag. There never should have been a dispute in the first place. To the family of Col. Barfoot our condolences, and our prayers are with you. However, please know that we are grateful to the Colonel and grateful to the many veterans of all wars who have fought and died to keep our Country and the country of our allies free.

It just seems that thank you is so inadequate for all of the sacrifices that were made by our veterans, however I hope and pray that our government will finally live up to their responsibilities to all of our veterans, without their sacrifices where would we be today; I shutter to think…….

Col Van Thomas Barfoot slideshow.

God Bless You Col and God Bless your family.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

There aren't many more fighters from The Greatest Generation left. Perhaps a handful, so to speak.

But they fought and died by the thousands to keep not just our country safe, but also to to hold back the Germans, the Japanese and the Russians from subjugating the rest of the world.

And now look what we're doing with their gift of freedom.

My father flew B-17s in WWII over Germany. He passed away in 2009. I miss him every day.


"Shady" said...

The fighters of that Generation were a special breed of men. They all dropped what what they were doing after 7 December and joined our military without hesitation. Our nation needed them and they knew it. your father, my father, and three uncles all severed, each in different areas and different times, from WWII, Korea, to Viet-Nam. All served proudly and with distinction. My father passed 5 years ago, I too also miss him.

What an era, an era that produced the men and women who answered the call our backs were against the wall. I have no doubt that we still have the men and women that can carry the torch for the greatest Country in the world when called upon.

The only doubt I have is the leadership...that is what bothers me.