Friday, March 30, 2012

When Is Enough, Enough………NOW!

When Is Enough, Enough………NOW!

What else is left for the White House to say, after everyone in the free world heard Hussein Obama committing treason on 26 Monday 2012 while talking with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Hussein Obama virtually guaranteed to Medvedev that he has his November election in the bag.

Does Hussein Obama really believe that his election is in the bag? That is good attitude for Obama, “the ego in a suit” to maintain. What must our European allies being thinking now that Hussein Obama has sold the European Allies down the toilet as well.
“Next month will mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, to commemorate the event, the Hussein Obama administration will continue it’s plan to sink the American economy.”
“Also of interest, Sweden is moving towards a cashless society-with Hussein Obama’s economic policy, the United States is Almost A Cashless Society.”

I certainly believe that it the European block as a whole, the ones that missile defense is aimed at protecting, must raise all kinds of HELL. It is apparent that no one in the United States is going to say anything. Congress is to busy doing what?

You couple the open mic incident with Medvedev along with Hussein Obama’s complete betrayal of Israel with the leaking sensitive military information; you have a picture of the first legally elected TRAITOR sitting in the White House. 

Israel, in my opinion, should conduct an independent investigation into this incident if they feel that what Hussein Obama did was a breech of sensitive military information; I am sure they are not happy. The agency who would certainly conduct this investigation would most likely be Israel’s Mossad. I feel relatively sure an investigation will take place, the good part about it, no one will ever know the Mossad was even around, no one that is accept Hussein Obama.

“I’m pretty sure the Cold War ended when some of the folks in this room were still in elementary school, and any suggestion that Russia is America’s No. 1 geopolitical foe represents a unique understanding of recent history,” spokesman Jay Carney said wryly.

Now of course the White House on Thursday accused Republicans criticizing President Barack Obama over his candid but caught-on-tape comments to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev like presidential front-runner Mitt Romney and House Speaker John Boehner of having an outdated “Cold War” mindset and said Obama would happily fight for his policy through the election.