Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Another Gaffe by Administration"

Our Secretary of Labor, Hilda Soliz, just made a public service announcement, paid for by taxpayers money indicating that illegal aliens have the right to "fair wages"! Reaching out and saying for illegal aliens to call the department of labor to complain about wages. Heck, it is against the law in the first place to hire illegal immigrants in the first place. Can you now see where this administration is headed, full open borders.

Wow, I have heard it all, this administration is.....I can't find the words to describe this administration. One good thing, Obama just lost his bid to ban deep water drilling today. A Federal judge just ruled against the President. At least someone has some sense....because Obama does not.
Have a good one, until later.."Walk Slow and Drink lots of Water.....Shady

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Mrsupole said...

I have heard that they are going to fight the decision that the Judge made and still try to stop the deep water drilling. If they would just go after the oil in Anwar, in the Rockies and the Dakotas. I have heard that there is more oil there then in the Middle East. It seems like the enviromentalists would think it was safer to drill in these areas then the deep water drilling.

I guess they may have to nuke the leak after all.

And yes that is just too much to try and tell the illegals to call and report their employer for underpaying them. Yeah, like that is going to happen. It is supposed to be against the law to hire illegals and this dumb ass lady is now saying the government is condoning it. Something is so wrong with this picture. Well what can we expect from an Obuyme follower.

I myself believe that if we went after the employers who employ illegals and punish them with jail time and very high fines to make it very costly to hire illegals then the illegals would stop coming here. If we stopped giving them any aid and benefits, make it to where no one would hire them, then this would pretty much effectly put an end to them living here.

I think the state of Massachuetts is trying to pass a law that illegals cannot collect welfare or get social security, unemployment or any of the state aid in any form and even stop the medical care. They also want to make it to where everything is only printed in English. If this passes, I forget how much the state will save, but I think it is enough to get them out of the red and into the black. If only every state would follow suit. The town in Nebraska passed a law that landlords cannot rent to illegals and employers can be punished if they hire illegals with huge fines. Americans need to take a stand and fight the feds by making laws in each city, county and state to protect us. If this is the only way to protect our country then this is what we need to do. My paternal grandfather was 4th or 5th generation Mexican here in the US and he did not speak spanish. He would tell you that he was an American, he would never say he was Mexican.

I am hoping that the AZ bill is just the beginning of a domino effect that goes across the country and shows we want legal immigrants not illegal immigrants.

But it is still about the votes, always about the votes.

God bless.

PS...I have fed the fish for you. They love it when I come to visit.