Thursday, June 10, 2010

Com'on Man "We ain't building a Bomb"!

Now we are to believe this idiot right? Why should we not believe Ahmadinejad.  He has never said "I hate Jews right"? Never has Ahmadinejad expressed interest in wiping Isreal off the face of the planet right! Oh by the way, Ahmadinejad was not one of the radical extremist students who took over the American Embassy in Tehran and held our citizens for 444 days was he? Hummm my mistake. (please excuse my use of the word radical or radical extremist, it might offend the President or some other radical extremist, so please, keep it under your hat, ok. Thanks in advance.) Gotta be polictically correct you know. Why in the world do we tip toe around this guy is beyond me. Rest assured, I am not in favor of going to war, or starting a war, but I am in favor of mashing Ahmadinejad toes with a sledge hammer, and make him understand without any doubt, that if he threatens Israel, or if he is stupid enough to try and make good on his threats against Isreal, The United States will with out any doubt defend Israel. I want him to understand that. Right now,  this very moment, Ahmadinejad is laughing in the face of America. Israel is our greastest ally in the Middle East.
There is only one thing that Ahmadinejad respects, and that is FEAR, he respects fear. Why do you think that the I-A-TOLD-U-SO released our hostages after 444 days of captivity, under Jimmy Carter, FEAR, I-A-TOLD-U-SO feared one man, President Ronald Reagan, the one man that Tehran knew would back up his words with actions, not just hollow words. Tehran scoffed at Carters impotence as the President.
Talking is good, but when you talk with people like Ahmadinejad, he has to know we will with no hesitation defend the United States of America. Just picture what a nuclear Iran would be like in the Middle East, what a nightmare, they are already killing our troops in Afganistan, they furnish IEDs to the terrorist, they furnish training, and weapons to the radical extremist, so in all sense of the word, we are at war with Iran, with a radical extremist named Ahmadinejad. And all we do is sit on our hands, if this dude gets a nuke, heaven help us, it will our worst nightmare, and that is what he wants. He wants the United States to fear him.
I pray this never happens, God Help us.

Until the next time my friends........Shady


Mrsupole said...

Hi Shady,

I hope you do not get upset with me and I usually do not say anything since I make so many spelling errors but I thought you might want to fix this one. Israel is spelt this way, not "Isreal". You can delete this comment after you fix it, if you want, and then Ahmadinejad will never know. Gonna write another one.

Gob bless.

Mrsupole said...

Hi Shady,

Many Americans do not know that Obuyme was raised for many years in Indonesia. He likes to have everyone think he was raised just in Hawaii. He also talks about his Muslim brothers in many speeches that you can find on the internet, and his Muslim faith. He has not been to the Christian Church very often since he was elected. He has also stated that the most beautiful sound he has ever heard is the calling to prayers by the Muslim faith.

I kinda think that this should explain to everyone why Ahmadinejad does not fear him. He considers Obuyme to be one of his brothers and he can do what he wants because a Muslim brother would never stop him from destroying the Israeli's or the Nation of Israel.

I was watching a video of the protest by the Palestinians in Los Angeles and at the end, the Palestinian protestors are talking about how there has never been a country of Israel on that land and there has always been a country of Palestine, until the Israeli's stole it from them. The woman is an idiot. The country of Israel was there for thousands of years and it was stolen from them. It tells the story in the Bible. Being a Muslim also means that she would never read the Bible so would not know or believe this story. But throughout all of history there has truly never been a country of Palestine. These Palestinians once belonged to the country of Jordan and there are still many members of their tribe that still live in Jordan. These were the smart ones who now live a peaceful life in that country. Jordan will not take these Palestinians because they are radicals, and would probably try to take out the ruling leaders in Jordan, then they would still set out to destroy Israel.

Have to put the rest of the comment on another comment because it is so long.

Part two comming up.

God bless.

Mrsupole said...

Part two....

I think it is funny how Obuyme has picked a Jewish man as his second in command and then shows such contempt for Israel. I do think that Rahm Emanuel also has contempt for Israel and thinks it should not exist. Plus did you see how he married one of BP's top executive's daughter. Oh how everything is just unfolding for this administration.

I also think that Americans are slowly waking up to this administration and the progressive radicals that they are. They put up a pretense of wanting to protect Israel because they know that the majority of Americans want to protect it. This administration would also like us to believe that the halocaust never happened and that is why when Ahmadinejad goes around saying it never happened, they just hold their silence and never argue that it did. A picture is worth a thousand words or lack of words as this case may be.

The other thing is that people do not know that Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were progressives. Once you know that they were progressives, and that the Nazi's also believed like Woodrow Wilson and FDR, two of our progressive presidents, that there should be ethnic cleansing in America then it does make one wonder why any true American would want to be a progressive.

America is about taking the best from the world and making a free nation for them all to live. Where would we be if the progressives had taken full control a hundred years ago. This much I can say, we would never have had Obuyme for a President. They would have cleansed him out of existence and never let his father come to this country for an education. Plus, any progressive Jew would have been cleansed out too. Why any Jew would be a progressive today is beyond my comprehension. Actually why anyone who is is not white would be a progressive is questionable. Well since most progressives think that only white people should live on the planet, at least true progressives believe this, being as only white people are smart enough to rule the world. Although I do wonder if they would have kept non-whites around to be slaves since they thought that was all they were good for.

I am so glad that I am of mixed races and not a progressive, okay, I once was following some of their beliefs, but now that I know what a "true progressive" is, there is no way that I want to be one. I used to think that we should just have one global government, must be cause I belived JFK, and then peace would happen. Now I am older and wiser and know that everyone around the world has different beliefs and need their own government. But I do like the idea of freedom from oppression and religious freedom. Now I am a realist and know that we can only do what we can, and possibly only truly protect our own citizens. That is why we must vote the progressives out this coming November and in 2012.

Sorry for the book but I get carried away with politics sometimes.

God bless.

Mrsupole said...

See I mispelled coming.