Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pelosi Is At It Again!

Please excuse the picture their are better ones out their of the Speaker, but this one best tells the story of her latest stunt.(Spooked) This will be short, I promise. We all know that she whined and complained about the size of her government provided aircraft until is got her bigger aircraft.  Now, she has just moved into another office in San Francisco, at a monthly cost to taxpayers of $18,767.00.  $18,767.00 $18,767 one more time $18,767.00 dollars for an office that she more than likely spends little time in anyway. This is criminal. I would love to put the pencil to the amount of taxpayer money she spends on herself (perks), not including her salary. This is disgusting to say the least. Here we are in the worst economic times since the 30's and this women is spending $18,767.00 dollars on rent! I just do not understand her thinking. I am a country hick from south Texas sucking on a toothpick who just does not get the full picture, maybe one day I will figure it out. I Wonder if she had to spend the money out of her own pocket if she would spend the money, who knows. Enough is enough, until the next time, be safe and God Bless You and God Bless America,........Shady 


Mrsupole said...

Well you know she is a Queen Bee and deserves everything she gets. At least here in CA that is what we have heard anyway and that is why our state is going broke, because of our great politicians who run our state and country.

We all just love her here in this state, NOT. According to the rate of negative email going around about her and Obuyme, I am not sure who is disliked more.

But either way, in her mind she does think she deserves all of the trappings that she has gotten since becoming third in line for the Presidency. And you know she is just waiting for the Bidder and the Obuyer to have something happen to them so that she could really become the "first" Queen Bee, even before Hillary becomes one.

I truly destest that woman and want to puke when I see a pic or a vid of her. She is one person I truly never hope to see.

God bless.

Mrsupole said...

Yup, you just had to put the fishy's on there. And then there I go having to feed them all the time. I am not sure if you know that you have to feed them to keep them happy, but I do have them on one of my blogsites and so I too always have to remember to feed mine.

You just click on different spots on their fish square and then little pieces of food show up and they swim over there and eat it. Mine were starving to death before I figured out that I had to feed them. LOL

I used to just think when I went to someone's website that I was supposed to count them, but then I discovered that I was a bad fishmaster and have been feeding them ever since.

Thanks for the visit. If you have any questions about blogging then I will try to answer it if I know the answer. But generally I know someone who should know the answer. Blogger reps seem to take forever to answer any questions and we mostly try to help each other out if we can.

If you are looking for some good conservative website's then there are some on my RSS feed on my Mrsupole's Place blogsite or just click on Adrienne's Catholic Corner and she keeps a whole list on her site. You will be surprised at what they find out there. And they will come visit your site if you leave comments. Well some of them will. Some of them are too busy researching all the stuff they find for us to learn about.

But most bloggers will not visit you unless you visit them a lot or they find you on someone else's RSS feed. This is because we get too many "SPAM" attacks. So be very careful when you get comments that are not in English, and if they make no sense about what you posted then they are also usually spam too. Never ever click on these links because they are full of viruses that either attack your email account or your computer. Trust me about this, I found out the hard way because no one told me about this.

Anyway, I hope this helps you somewhat and sorry for the long comment.

God bless.

PS..Just joking about feeding the fish.

Mrsupole said...

PSS...I mean you can feed the fish that way, I'm jusy joking that you "have" to feed them. I'll keep them fed for you. LOL