Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"War On a Third Front, Illegal Immigration"

What a topic I chose to write on. Border violence and Illegal immigration, it is difficult to write about one and not mention the other. The pictures are not of the United States Military or of the U.S. Federal Police making a weapons seizure at the border, it is the Mexican Military making the seizure after raiding a drug cartel stronghold.  From what I have learned most of the weapons were smuggled into Mexico from the United States. I have not verified this, however it would not surprise me at all. I am extremely happy however that the weapons were seized by someone. Mexico is, as a crow flies about 25 or so miles from my back door. That is too close for comfort as far as I am concerned. I know this comes as no surprise to anyone, but from where I sit, the United States has lost total control of the entire southern border, let me take that back, we have never had control of our southern borders.  Granted Mexico has given it the good ole college try, but they have lost most of the battles and they are losing the drug war. The cartel and zetas are having their way. I commend the Mexican President for the effort, but it is falling far short of the desired result.  Mexico needs to seal its northern borders along with the United States doing the same on our southern border, it is not rocket science, just do it, If you seal both sides of the border you are going to force the Cartels into looking else where to move their dope, and your forcing the wanna "be" illegal aliens to remain at home. You and I know the reason why Mexico does not attempt to secure its northern border, why you say?  Because Mexico ain't got the money or social programs(welfare food stamps etc.) to keep people at home. Mexico is dependent on having people jump ship to America, it means they do not have to deal with the problem(s). Mexico knows the United States will house, feed, educate and provide for the medical needs of each illegal alien. Now when I say illegal alien,  I do not mean that all illegal aliens are Hispanic. We have all sorts of illegal aliens from all over the world. I am sure if we look hard enough we will find ET somewhere tucked away at area "51". 

We've known why Mexico's citizens are fleeing their country, not all are fleeing, just the poor, who have no manner or means to make a living.  Put me in the same situation, I would do the same thing. What I can not answer or understand is why the United States has failed to do something. Last week gave an indication of why Obama is doing nothing.. We have learned via a Hilliary news conference that Obama is planning to have his Attorney General file suit against the State of Arizona, challenging the new Arizona immigration law.  Hillary ambushed Obama on this one,  announcing the law suit in a news conference to a foreign correspondent, I wonder if Obama was a little miffed at Hillary. I thought States had the right to pass laws without interference from the Federal Government, at least that is what I thought. Arizona is doing what Obama will not do, secure it's border. I wonder now if our Governor, Rick Perry will do the same, I hope so. Another interesting bit of information that surfaced yesterday. I do not recall the name of the Congressman who is claiming to have met one on one with Obama recently, but according to Fox News yesterday, Obama said he was not going to secure the borders because he would lose his ability to bargin with the Republicans on his Immigration reform. I guess we will have to wait for the truth to surface on what was actually said. Time will tell us at some point.

Do you remember just a short few weeks back, when Mexico President Calderon was allowed to address the joint session of Congress and insult the United States, he was complaining how racist the Arizona law is.  As I mentioned, Mexico wants illegal immigration; they condone it; that way Mexico does not have to deal with the issue. So lets do this, lets implement the Mexican Immigration law, that way Mexico President Calderon will not have anything to whine about, we would be using Mexican law adopted in the United States to control Illegal immigration for ALL illegal immigrants, not just Hispanics. Here is part of the Mexican Immigration law, paraphrased.

1. If you migrate to this county, you must speak the native language

2. You have to be a professional or an investor. No unskilled workers will be allowed.

3. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools, no special ballots for elections, all government

business will be conducted in Spanish.

4. Foreigners will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they are here.

5 Foreigners will NEVER be able to hold political office.

6. Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare, no food stamps, no health care, or other government assistance programs.

7. Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.

8. If foreigners do come and want to buy land that will be okay, BUT options will be restricted. You are not allowed waterfront property. That is reserved for citizens naturally born into this country.

9. Foreigners may not protest; no demonstrations, no waving a foreign flag, no political organizing, no badmouthing our president or his policies, if you do you will be sent home.

10. If you do come to this country illegally, you will be hunted down and sent straight to jail.

There it is plain and simple. If we implemented Mexicos immigration law, what would be said at that point, I have an idea. The ACLU would have a field day with it. Local cities, county sheriffs departments sued.
I can go on and on, and I will later,  we can talk about border violence.
So until later,  my friends, stay safe out there, God Bless and God Bless America.......




Marylee said...

Government-Approved Illegals !

Speaking of illegals, the government hasn't built the fence high enough to keep out the un-American criminals who want to take away our freedoms.
Yes, the government hasn't built the White House fence high enough to keep out the un-American criminals who somehow got into the White House and who are now working hard to take away the religious, social, and economic freedoms of true American patriots!
Here are two slogans that Obama would rather not think about: "Unborn babies should have the right to keep and bear arms - and legs and ears and eyes, etc.!" and "Unborn babies should have the same right to be born alive that abortionists had!"
If Obama should ever happen to Google "Dangerous Radicals of the Religious Right," do you think he would feel guilty merely walking in the hallowed halls of that House where true Americans walked?
Is it safe to assume that Mecca Wafers are Obama's favorite candy? And is barack-coli a vegetable or a disease?

(Neither Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi nor any other DemocRAT approved of this message!)

Mrsupole said...

Oh my, I love Marylee's comment and this post. I think most Americans do not know the immigration laws of Mexico and if we followed their laws, then we would not have an illegal immigration problem. Mexico does not have an illegal immigration problem, well except for the ones passing on through to get to the US, but Mexico likes these people because they are forced to pay the coyotes to get them through Mexico and then into the US.

I think it is funny how those who do not have the illegals in their backyard are the ones who protest the most on behalf of the illegals. Do they know what it is like to go shopping here in the US and be the only one who speaks English, or go to the ER and have to wait extra hours because the room is filled with illegals that have to be treated? Do they know what it is like to have your state going bankrupt because of the illegals? I think not, but they will soon be coming to their town if something is not done.

And yes, I would also try to come here if I was living in Mexico and always worrying if me or my family were going to get killed by the drug cartels. But at the same time, these cartels thrive because of these people fleeing. These people are then forced to do a criminal act to survive. But all that is left in their country are many corrupt people and not enough law abiding people to truly fight the corruption.

Yes, we need to seal off our borders and we need to deal with the illegals that are already here. I like the,
"how they cannot hold political office or vote, ever". And their decendents should not be allowed to vote for at least 3 generations because that is about how many generations it takes to Americanize them. Even then some of them hang on to their immigrant way of life and keep their loyalty to the old country. Or if their children serve 10 years in the military then they will then be able to vote. I figure by that time they will have earned the right.

What I do not understand is why the illegals and their children are so brainwashed into believing that the democrats truly care about them. The democrats only care about their vote, and if they all of a sudden became Republicans then the democrats would show their true colors and want them all deported.

It is all about the vote. That is what this comprehensive Immigration Reform is about. It was Senator Kyl of AZ that Obuyme made the statement to and most people believe Obuyme truly said what the Senator said he said. It is just Obuyme is arrogant and thinks he can say whatever he wants and get away with it.

Let us all pray that the Obuyme era will end soon and the Pelosi/Reid era will end even sooner. May God have mercy on us all.

God bless.