Monday, June 28, 2010

"Alex maybe coming"

Well, if we are going to get smacked, might as well be the first named storm of the season. That way we can get it out of the way. Hopefully it does not bring any oil with it. I guess we will just have to wait and see.
Anyway, I will keep you posted if we get smacked in the mouth. We got hurricane Dolly in 2008. The hurricanes took a year off from the South Texas coast last year, seems like we are the main target this year however..

Take care, and  be safe and God Bless........


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Another Gaffe by Administration"

Our Secretary of Labor, Hilda Soliz, just made a public service announcement, paid for by taxpayers money indicating that illegal aliens have the right to "fair wages"! Reaching out and saying for illegal aliens to call the department of labor to complain about wages. Heck, it is against the law in the first place to hire illegal immigrants in the first place. Can you now see where this administration is headed, full open borders.

Wow, I have heard it all, this administration is.....I can't find the words to describe this administration. One good thing, Obama just lost his bid to ban deep water drilling today. A Federal judge just ruled against the President. At least someone has some sense....because Obama does not.
Have a good one, until later.."Walk Slow and Drink lots of Water.....Shady

"War On a Third Front, Illegal Immigration"

What a topic I chose to write on. Border violence and Illegal immigration, it is difficult to write about one and not mention the other. The pictures are not of the United States Military or of the U.S. Federal Police making a weapons seizure at the border, it is the Mexican Military making the seizure after raiding a drug cartel stronghold.  From what I have learned most of the weapons were smuggled into Mexico from the United States. I have not verified this, however it would not surprise me at all. I am extremely happy however that the weapons were seized by someone. Mexico is, as a crow flies about 25 or so miles from my back door. That is too close for comfort as far as I am concerned. I know this comes as no surprise to anyone, but from where I sit, the United States has lost total control of the entire southern border, let me take that back, we have never had control of our southern borders.  Granted Mexico has given it the good ole college try, but they have lost most of the battles and they are losing the drug war. The cartel and zetas are having their way. I commend the Mexican President for the effort, but it is falling far short of the desired result.  Mexico needs to seal its northern borders along with the United States doing the same on our southern border, it is not rocket science, just do it, If you seal both sides of the border you are going to force the Cartels into looking else where to move their dope, and your forcing the wanna "be" illegal aliens to remain at home. You and I know the reason why Mexico does not attempt to secure its northern border, why you say?  Because Mexico ain't got the money or social programs(welfare food stamps etc.) to keep people at home. Mexico is dependent on having people jump ship to America, it means they do not have to deal with the problem(s). Mexico knows the United States will house, feed, educate and provide for the medical needs of each illegal alien. Now when I say illegal alien,  I do not mean that all illegal aliens are Hispanic. We have all sorts of illegal aliens from all over the world. I am sure if we look hard enough we will find ET somewhere tucked away at area "51". 

We've known why Mexico's citizens are fleeing their country, not all are fleeing, just the poor, who have no manner or means to make a living.  Put me in the same situation, I would do the same thing. What I can not answer or understand is why the United States has failed to do something. Last week gave an indication of why Obama is doing nothing.. We have learned via a Hilliary news conference that Obama is planning to have his Attorney General file suit against the State of Arizona, challenging the new Arizona immigration law.  Hillary ambushed Obama on this one,  announcing the law suit in a news conference to a foreign correspondent, I wonder if Obama was a little miffed at Hillary. I thought States had the right to pass laws without interference from the Federal Government, at least that is what I thought. Arizona is doing what Obama will not do, secure it's border. I wonder now if our Governor, Rick Perry will do the same, I hope so. Another interesting bit of information that surfaced yesterday. I do not recall the name of the Congressman who is claiming to have met one on one with Obama recently, but according to Fox News yesterday, Obama said he was not going to secure the borders because he would lose his ability to bargin with the Republicans on his Immigration reform. I guess we will have to wait for the truth to surface on what was actually said. Time will tell us at some point.

Do you remember just a short few weeks back, when Mexico President Calderon was allowed to address the joint session of Congress and insult the United States, he was complaining how racist the Arizona law is.  As I mentioned, Mexico wants illegal immigration; they condone it; that way Mexico does not have to deal with the issue. So lets do this, lets implement the Mexican Immigration law, that way Mexico President Calderon will not have anything to whine about, we would be using Mexican law adopted in the United States to control Illegal immigration for ALL illegal immigrants, not just Hispanics. Here is part of the Mexican Immigration law, paraphrased.

1. If you migrate to this county, you must speak the native language

2. You have to be a professional or an investor. No unskilled workers will be allowed.

3. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools, no special ballots for elections, all government

business will be conducted in Spanish.

4. Foreigners will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they are here.

5 Foreigners will NEVER be able to hold political office.

6. Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare, no food stamps, no health care, or other government assistance programs.

7. Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.

8. If foreigners do come and want to buy land that will be okay, BUT options will be restricted. You are not allowed waterfront property. That is reserved for citizens naturally born into this country.

9. Foreigners may not protest; no demonstrations, no waving a foreign flag, no political organizing, no badmouthing our president or his policies, if you do you will be sent home.

10. If you do come to this country illegally, you will be hunted down and sent straight to jail.

There it is plain and simple. If we implemented Mexicos immigration law, what would be said at that point, I have an idea. The ACLU would have a field day with it. Local cities, county sheriffs departments sued.
I can go on and on, and I will later,  we can talk about border violence.
So until later,  my friends, stay safe out there, God Bless and God Bless America.......



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pelosi Is At It Again!

Please excuse the picture their are better ones out their of the Speaker, but this one best tells the story of her latest stunt.(Spooked) This will be short, I promise. We all know that she whined and complained about the size of her government provided aircraft until is got her bigger aircraft.  Now, she has just moved into another office in San Francisco, at a monthly cost to taxpayers of $18,767.00.  $18,767.00 $18,767 one more time $18,767.00 dollars for an office that she more than likely spends little time in anyway. This is criminal. I would love to put the pencil to the amount of taxpayer money she spends on herself (perks), not including her salary. This is disgusting to say the least. Here we are in the worst economic times since the 30's and this women is spending $18,767.00 dollars on rent! I just do not understand her thinking. I am a country hick from south Texas sucking on a toothpick who just does not get the full picture, maybe one day I will figure it out. I Wonder if she had to spend the money out of her own pocket if she would spend the money, who knows. Enough is enough, until the next time, be safe and God Bless You and God Bless America,........Shady 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy 86th Mama "Licha"

Happy Birthday Mama Leche, we all hope that you had a great time this past Sunday, June, 13,2010 when most of all of the family came out to wish you the best on your 86th day of life. All I can say, is how much we love you for all of the love and support you have showed all each of us at one time or another. It was nice seeing most of your 21 grand kids and 3 of 17 your great grand kids at your party, not to mentioned you will have 19 great grand kids by the end of the year. So congratulations on your very special day Mama Licha, you have earned it.
Mon Pica chilling, sipping on a "lemon aid", right Ramon trying to coold off on a very hot day.It was just unbelieveable the turn out for this special event, it was just so nice to see.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Com'on Man "We ain't building a Bomb"!

Now we are to believe this idiot right? Why should we not believe Ahmadinejad.  He has never said "I hate Jews right"? Never has Ahmadinejad expressed interest in wiping Isreal off the face of the planet right! Oh by the way, Ahmadinejad was not one of the radical extremist students who took over the American Embassy in Tehran and held our citizens for 444 days was he? Hummm my mistake. (please excuse my use of the word radical or radical extremist, it might offend the President or some other radical extremist, so please, keep it under your hat, ok. Thanks in advance.) Gotta be polictically correct you know. Why in the world do we tip toe around this guy is beyond me. Rest assured, I am not in favor of going to war, or starting a war, but I am in favor of mashing Ahmadinejad toes with a sledge hammer, and make him understand without any doubt, that if he threatens Israel, or if he is stupid enough to try and make good on his threats against Isreal, The United States will with out any doubt defend Israel. I want him to understand that. Right now,  this very moment, Ahmadinejad is laughing in the face of America. Israel is our greastest ally in the Middle East.
There is only one thing that Ahmadinejad respects, and that is FEAR, he respects fear. Why do you think that the I-A-TOLD-U-SO released our hostages after 444 days of captivity, under Jimmy Carter, FEAR, I-A-TOLD-U-SO feared one man, President Ronald Reagan, the one man that Tehran knew would back up his words with actions, not just hollow words. Tehran scoffed at Carters impotence as the President.
Talking is good, but when you talk with people like Ahmadinejad, he has to know we will with no hesitation defend the United States of America. Just picture what a nuclear Iran would be like in the Middle East, what a nightmare, they are already killing our troops in Afganistan, they furnish IEDs to the terrorist, they furnish training, and weapons to the radical extremist, so in all sense of the word, we are at war with Iran, with a radical extremist named Ahmadinejad. And all we do is sit on our hands, if this dude gets a nuke, heaven help us, it will our worst nightmare, and that is what he wants. He wants the United States to fear him.
I pray this never happens, God Help us.

Until the next time my friends........Shady

Where are we headed? Who is telling the truth?

I wonder in what direction our is country headed, every day, all day long we are hearing on the news how bad the economy is. Yet from the Obama administration, the country is on the rebound. We hear on the news that unemployment is down. We hear that the amount of unemployment figures are not a true representation of the job market, because the jobs that are being touted by the Obama administration are mostly the temporary cenus jobs? It sounds like another grease job if you ask me. Who is telling the truth, and who is lying? I don't know, do you? I want to know who to believe.

However we have to remember that Obama did run on the promise of change, and he has delivered the change. I am not to sure if this is the change that we, the Amercan people had in mind.  Do you?  As it appears to me, a simple minded hick who was raised for the most part in Willacy County that we are headed in the WRONG DIRECTION.  I went to school for a bit in Lyford, Texas a great area to be raised in those days.  I promise you, in those days your word was bond there was none of the BS we hear today in Washington,  Your word meant something. Your word was who you were.  My Dad , Uncle Alton and Aunt Ava who provided for the majority of my rearing made sure of that. It was up at 5:oo a.m. feed the animals, chores and wait for the school bus to arrive at 5:45 of so. When you got home from school you did more chores, your homework and if time allowed, you did a little more work, then off to bed and start the cycle all over again the next morning. In short all I am trying to say is we were taught a set of core values and ethics at a very young age. In turn, these core values and ethics were passed on to our children. I just can not sit here and believe that we now have elected officials who we the American people have entrusted our future to, lie to all of us. A President who delivers nothing but lip service and more lies. They lie when the truth sounds so much better, If I had lied like that to my Dad or Uncle or Aunt, they each would have whipped my butt. Now we have reached the point of having to deal out  punishment to our elected officials, VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE. That is our whipping, that is our punishment to them.

I did not vote for Obama, but he is my President as well, I was willing to give him a chance to make a change, to make a difference. Not any longer, I will not support him, Pelosi or any other Politician who is in it only for his own personal gain. Especially Pelosi. The speaker of the house, number 3 in line to the President, heaven forbid. This is the same women who complained (not the word I want to use) that she wanted a bigger airplane to fly her and her staff around the country, a complete waste of our money. Not that it matters any longer, heck we are only 13 trillion dollars in the RED. How does it feel to be owned by China and the other countries that hold our national debt. Just stop and think of what is going to happen when they say that enough is enough. When China says that your debt is larger than what we produce, the next thing that will happen is the dollar will collaspe, check out what has happened in Greece, we are on the same path.

Well I can go on and on, and I promise that I will, but I have to go do Honey do's...Y'all take care and I'll be talking to you later..

God Bless, and God Bless America

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

President Bushes Fault

When does this President take responsbility for his own administration? Obama is almost a year and a half into his own term and he still blames President Bush for some of the dismal failures of his own administration. It just seems to me the blame game is the way this President is going to handle some of the issues that he or his staff have no answers for. Am I saying President Bush had all the answers, or that he did not make mistakes, no I am not. Many mistakes were made by "43" and his administration. In my opinion, there has not been a President elected which has not made a mistake, they all have. To continue to play the blame game with this oil spill is not the way to solve the problem. Fix the leak, do what is necessary to get this hole plugged, after that, clean the mess up, get the Gulf coast back to work, forget about who is to blame until the Oil gusher is plugged. Once we start to see some progress, then and only then should anyone be blamed; People need help, and they need it now.  It appears to me, the President is pointing fingers, it's not my fault, it's his fault, it;s their fault. Enough already, their is going to be enough blame to go around when it is all said and done.  To make matters worse, hurricane season is 9 days old. Can you just imagine should we get a gulf storm, with millions and millions of gallons of oil in the Gulf, what a mess. Lets solve this problem, and we can by working together, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Tea Party, private sector and the American people. Lets please get it done, We are Americans, we have walked on the moon, we have transplanted human organs, and I am to understand that we can not plug a hole in the middle of the Gulf. I know it's not easy, but neither was flying 240,000 miles away, land on the surface of the moon, walk around and come back, but we did it. Lets put aside our differences, get down on our knees and pray to the Almighty for an answer, it out there somewhere.

. Listen to the people, who knows, the answer to this problem may be right here in our own back yard.