Monday, January 30, 2012

Bridge Comes to San Francisco With a Made-in-China Label

 It is simply amazing that a State as California that is drowning in unemployment could not find a company that would compete with China. It does not surprise me in the least as California is a liberal state, that more than likely made the decision to let China build the in between puffs of marijuana.

Why do I say that, because that is the only way it makes any sense to me in the first place..(Puff…pufffff ah….ok dude just let China build the bridge man..puff puff..) It is your State you gotta live there, not me….as far as I care, name it after somebody famous from China. It is a sad day that California could not find or would not find a USA company to build that bridge..

At a sprawling manufacturing complex here, hundreds of Chinese laborers are now completing work on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Next month, the last four of more than two dozen giant steel modules — each with a roadbed segment about half the size of a football field — will be loaded onto a huge ship and transported 6,500 miles to Oakland. 
There, they will be assembled to fit into the eastern span of the new Bay Bridge.

The project is part of China’s continual move up the global economic value chain — from cheap toys to Apple iPads to commercial jetliners — as it aims to become the world’s civil engineer. The assembly work in California, and the pouring of the concrete road surface, will be done by Americans. But construction of the bridge decks and the materials that went into them are a Made in China affair. California officials say the state saved hundreds of millions of dollars by turning to China.

“They’ve produced a pretty impressive bridge for us,” Tony Anziano, a program manager at the California Department of Transportation, said a few weeks ago. He was touring the 1.2-square-mile manufacturing site that the Chinese company created to do the bridge work. “Four years ago, there were just steel plates here and lots of orange groves.” 

On the reputation of showcase projects like Beijing’s Olympic-size airport terminal and the mammoth hydroelectric Three Gorges Dam, Chinese companies have been hired to build copper mines in the Congo, high-speed rail lines in Brazil and huge apartment complexes in Saudi Arabia.  In New York City alone, Chinese companies have won contracts to help renovate the subway system, refurbish the Alexander Hamilton Bridge over the Harlem River and build a new Metro-North train platform near Yankee Stadium. As with the Bay Bridge, American union labor would carry out most of the work done on United States soil.

American steelworker unions have disparaged the Bay Bridge contract by accusing the state of California of sending good jobs overseas and settling for what they deride as poor-quality Chinese steel. Industry groups in the United States and other countries have raised questions about the safety and quality of Chinese workmanship on such projects. Indeed, China has had quality control problems ranging from tainted milk to poorly built schools. Read Complete Story

California like the rest of our country, was a state of  “CAN DO” now California is a State of “NO CAN DO”,  but China Can do……”CHEAPER”. I do not buy that at all. This is the nation that put a man on the moon, multiple times. We were a nation that lead the way, now Under the Illegitimate President Obama he has changed this Nation into followers and A Nation of redistribution….big word for handouts and welfare don’t worry, the government will give you a place to live and money…that is what Obama has done as the illegitimate president of this nation. 
I Pray, yes I do pray daily that he is exposed for the fraud that he is. I hope that he is discovered, arrested, tried and prosecuted  to the fullest extent that the law will allows.

With that little rant, I close, heaven help us when we can’t build our own bridge. This bridge will forever be known as the bridge to know where.

Then there is the issue of American capability. I wonder how the Chinese got these capabilities that Americans apparently no longer have. It was by building their own projects for themselves and developing the capabilities. Twenty years ago China didn’t have companies that could do most of this kind of work. But the Chinese didn’t call the Americans in to build their bridges for them. They invested in developing the capacities necessary to build their own bridges. That’s what we did when we built the Golden Gate. People and corporations learn by doing and if they don’t do they don’t learn and they don’t invest and then they can never do.

And the cost of never being able to do is extremely high – a lot more than $400 million. So I say the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is not only not inexpensive. It’s going to cost us a fortune.

How apt that this was all carried out by the Terminator. It’s definitely going to terminate a lot of California and American jobs, companies, and skills. Source

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