Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who Is Protecting the Border

Post 911 we saw the formation of the Department of Homeland Security.  Whose primary responsibility was to hunt down terrorists.  Enter the Border Patrol whose primary mission was and has been to stop, detain, identify and deport illegal aliens along with interdicting the flow of narcotics into the United States.

After September 11th , the mission of the Border Patrol changed somewhat, from locating illegal aliens and narcotics, to locating terrorists along our Southern Borders. What a change.  As far as I know, I have not heard of any terrorists being detained anywhere along our 2000 mile Border.  Just because no terrorists have been located, does not mean they are not here; it simply means they have not been located.  If any terror suspects have been located, we are not being told about it at this point.

On the surface, our southern border seems to be a perfect location for terrorists to use to sneak into the U.S.  With its established smuggling corridors, the Mexican border seems ripe for a terror gateway.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants pass through what are basically unprotected areas along our 2,000-mile long border with Mexico.  Could sleeper cells be mixed in with the thousands of illegals that enter our country yearly, as I mentioned earlier, the answer is you bet your life they do, believe it my friend, they are here living normal life, just like you and I do.  Just waiting for the call. You can count on it. The FBI have done an excellent job locating terrorists that have been located within our borders.

Troubling as this might sound,  it seems to have gotten worse, not only the unchecked smuggling of illegal immigrants and narcotics. The fighting that has erupted has spilled over our Southern Border endangering our Border Patrol and law enforcement officers.They are fighting for the smuggling routes that have been in place for hundred of years.  If the Obama administration is not going to help, they need to move the hell over and get out of the way, because frankly, they are getting in the way.

According to the DHS,   threats of terror from the border has changed, according to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano who was speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations last July  Napolitano made the following statement, "Our growing relationship with Mexico is, of course, part of a BROADER EFFORT, and it's designed to interdict not only the smuggling of narcotics,  but weapons, bulk cash and people at the United States-Mexico border; but also designed to recognize... the whole national interest we have in making sure that Mexico and the crime there and the large cartels there are broken up."

Again Madam Secretary, would you be so kind and point out to everyone where the large cartels have been broken up? As far as I have been able to find out they are getting larger and more sophisticated.  Cartels are now buying or building their very own submarine fleet. I would call that "Not being broken up ma'am.
With all due respect to you Madam Secretary Napolitano, you have no clue as to what is going on at our border, Napolitano has said following,  "The Southern Border of the United States is safer now than it ever has been."   Again, that is pure hog wash.. Again the violence has gone unchecked in Mexico, and there appears to be no end in site.

The cartels members are also surfing the web, to find out who has been reporting on their  activities. When located the cartel extract their revenge on the person or persons responsible. It does matter from what Country, Mexico or the U.S.
So Madam Secretary, are you going to still sit there and tell the American people that our Southern border is as secure as ever? It is not going to be secure, until such time you and the Obama administration realize decide to secure the border by any means available. So does that mean using the National Guard, absolutely, if that's called for, yes use the National Guard. Period.

That said I know the answer, you are not going to do anything, but the Potomac two step.  You will sit there in Washington, and tell everyone the Southern border is secure.
Hanging by their hands are the bodies of a man of approximately 25 years of age, and that of a very young woman of about 28 years of age, both victims had been savagely tortured prior to being killed for posting comments on the Narco-Blog.  The murderers left this terrifying scenario and placed two placards next to the two bodies.
The cartel accused the victims of using social networks to comment on the various internet forums that are currently dedicated to publishing narco news in this city.  The cartels mean business, and they do not make idle threats, they mean what they say, as evident of the two victims, left hanging dead from a bridge.

When will the violence end?  I do not know and I do not pretend to know.
Is this what you call border security, where our own law enforcement officers come under fire for patrolling the river. I applaud what the Hidalgo County Sheriff has done.

At minimum he is protecting our Southern Border, and at the maximum,  he is protecting the citizens of his county. Sheriff Trevino, waits for no one, he is doing what he was elected to do. I am sure that the Sheriff would much rather have the manpower on routine patrol, but he is saddled with protecting the border. As it seems that DHS Naplitano is convinced the Border are is safe.....You make the call!

Until next time God Bless

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