Monday, January 30, 2012

Israel's 'Iran-Buster' Drone In Test Flight Crash

Israel's 'Iran-Buster' Drone In Test Flight Crash

Our strongest Alley in the Middle East, Israel  has been crapped on by the current illegitimate Present so much lately, they are basically going to take matters into their own hands. As long as Iran and the Devil Dog Ahmadinejad continues to run loose like the rabid dog that the is, will have to be put in his place; hopefully by a missile up his six.  He continues to bluff, one day soon, someone will have to call his bluf and ram a that missile straight up his........well you get the message. Until someone corrals this freaking idiot, our gas prices will continue to rise.  Since our very own illegitimate president attempts to dismantle the once strong and proud nation, we in the United States will continue to struggle. As long as this George Soros puppet continues to pull Obamas puppet strings, our Nation will continue to fail, plain and simple.

Israel Getting Ready To Get Serious
(Mirror) Israel suffered a major blow to its military plans against Iran yesterday after one of its hi-tech spy drones crashed.  The long-range Heron TP smashed to the ground during secret tests to prepare for a possible strike. Sources revealed the remote-controlled aircraft – dubbed the Iran Buster hit problems after being fitted with new navigation kit.
It is Irael’s most advanced drone and part of an elite squadron of unmanned planes that was set to be operational in weeks. But the crash has now delayed their launch indefinitely while military experts investigate the cause.

This Is A Drone
A security source in Jerusalem said: “The crash is of course a blow to the Israeli Air Force, which would obviously play a leading role in any military action against Iran – should current sanctions against Iran be unsuccessful in ­stopping its attempts to develop a nuclear weapon.
“The Heron is widely known as a drone that can easily reach Iran, hopefully remain unseen while performing an operation and then return to Israel to refuel.” The aircraft, which would allow Jerusalem to launch an attack without risking the lives of air force pilots, crashed near the Tel Nof air base close to Tel Aviv.
Israel has in recent years increased its use of drones above Lebanon, the Egyptian border and the Gaza strip. The Heron TP is capable of carrying an extra 1,000lb – so it could take missiles or two devastating 500lb bombs for precision strikes against Iran’s nuclear sites or the scientists involved in developing them. It has the wingspan of a Boeing 737.
Israel is believed to have stepped up covert operations in Iran using dissidents trained as hitmen to ­assassinate key nuclear scientists. Five Iranian atomic experts have been assassinated by suspected agents trained by Israeli spies from Mossad, the most ruthless foreign espionage agency in the world. Read more:

Iran Will Have it's Hands Full
Israel is serious about its National Security; they have to be, being surrounded by Nations that want to eliminate Israel off the face of the planet. With Obama basically turning his back on Israel, they have no options but to defend herself from living in the middle of an explosive Cauldron that could erupt at any time.  So if for nothing else, this should be one of the main bullet points in booting this fraud out of office.
I am sick and tired of seeing our jobs being sent to China. China is raping this Country and Obama is the leader if the gang. All by himself he has allowed between 20 to 25 thousand jobs pack up and head off to China.  So the countdown has started, we are 279 days 21 hours 17 minutes and 59 seconds and counting to 6 November. I can't wait to cast my ballot to oust this fraud from the office he has not been entitled to hold in the first place.
It is up to "We The people, and 6 November 2012 is the time...please vote. This election may be the most important election in the history of this nation.

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Bloviating Zeppelin said...

That's a pretty damned big drone.

If gas comes to a complete halt or skyrockets in price, there are only TWO elements responsible:


Because, as you already know, we sit on the Bakken Field -- which we can't touch -- as well as ANWR -- which we can't touch -- as well as the largest natural gas fields on the planet -- which we can't touch -- as well as many untapped oil fields off our very own coasts -- which we can't touch -- as well as the Keystone Pipeline -- which we can't touch.

My Obaka has GUARANTEED or energy demise, as well as all the little smarmy Religious Left sycophants.