Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The State of The Union In Terms We All Understand

Duh-My Teleprompter is broken Joe!
I am not Sure What take you may have understood, it sure sounds so much like socialism to me, make everybody is the same, we take from here and give to the others, so we all will be equal.  However, since I made over $1,000,000, I have to to give my money to someone who sits on his lazy ass and does nothing. Frankly, why in would he work, especially if I get money for doing nothing. That is my take…

There are no words that can do any better than what this cartoon depicts, priceless.
State of Unemployed
Unemployment is still close to 9%, Florida is in the neighborhood of 10% unemployment. That’s also headed in the right direction Barry.
$15 Trillion Samollians Over Drawn!
 Does anyone realize that that when Obama took office, our National Debt was $8 Trillion Dollars, Three years later, it is $15 Trillion Dollars, Obama has added $7 Trillion to the National Debt. That’s really headed in the right direction.

Have you ever had the feeling that someone tells you it is really raining, but you find out that they are actually pissing down your back. Listening to the State of The Union, is exactly how I felt last night. So if the American people can’t see what Obama is doing, chances are they never will…..God Help them and Help us as well.

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