Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Border Violence Hot and Heavy....

What can you say about the violence,
The border war was in full stride this Mother's day week end when 12 members of the Zetas were shot and killed by the Naval forces of Mexico, one marine died in the gunfight on Sunday, which took place in Falcon Lake in the state of Tamaulipas.

The Mexican Navy are saying the fighting started when the naval forces on patrol around the lake area found a very odd-looking camp on the island and zetas opened fire to protect their so called turf. 
The naval forces found a very large amounts of assault rifles, grenades and other weapons hidden in the area.  Falcon Lake, is the area of the Rio Grande which is 35 to 40 miles south of Laredo, Texas. Falcon Lake made the national news last fall when Tiffany Hartley, the young wife the zetas chased down who also shot and killed her husband, David. The couple had been riding on their jet skis back from the Mexican side of the lake, after visiting the church which was on the Mexican side. So the zeta cartel gunned him down, for no reason.  The Mexican officials called off a search for David Hartley on Oct.
 14, shortly after the lead investigator on the case, Police Commander Rolando Flores, was killed and decapitated.

David Hartley's body has never been found, the reason being the cartel would not give it up and neither the Mexican Government, or the Military could do anything about it. This area has been used by the cartels for some time, they use it as an easy access point into the United States, less law enforcement presence.  Where is the beef Mr President. Our border Sheriffs can not do this alone, we are out numbered, and out gunned. Are you going to wait until we have a major confrontation and our officers are killed or overrun?  Yes you got Bin Laden, that is yesterdays news, what can you do for us today. It is the same question that has been asked of you since you took office...what can you do to secure the border, today.
Now that Obama is riding his Usama Bin Laden high, he is making his first appearance on the border, at El Paso.  Sheriff Paul Babeu has invited the POTUS multiple times to Arizona, and the Obama never accepted.....it was not election time I guess. For some reason Obama is avoiding Arizona like the plague.

The violence is here, not to the extreme you are seeing in Mexico, but it is here. Something is going to have to give, if not "Washing to We gotta problem."

Until Next Time, May God Bless You, and May God Bless America"




covnitkepr1 said...

Let me tell you something..."Shady's got a good perspective." and a good blog.

The Prodigal Daughter said...
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The Prodigal Daughter said...

This is some scary stuff! I could say that I'm glad and fortunate enough not to have to live along the border, but I've got some pretty scary US Marshall holds and if I got 'em here in this little tiny Podunk place, you can believe that they have infiltrated our big cities as well. You never know what kind of crime or criminal is in your midsts these days. Readers be aware.