Monday, May 2, 2011

Usama Bin Laden-Hiding in Plain Sight- You Bet He Was!

Seal Team 6
For some people, they will never believe Usama Bin Laden was killed, as for me, the United States, finally caught up to and killed the animal, that killed over 3,000 American citizens and countless thousand of other innocent people killed by UBL over the years.  In my book Bin Laden was no more than that, a rabid animal that needed killing, and UBL got his. People are already jumping out of the wood work with all their "he is not dead theories." In reading the some of the comments,

1. "Posted by: mandi2972 on May 2, 2011 2:06 PM-the problems are, if he is dead, where is the proof, where is the body, U.S. are not the type to have missions to kill not capture"

2. "I think this is just another game by the CIA instructed by the Obama Administration as the elections are near. There is no evidence to say that he is dead. If he had any weapons to take down the helicopter himself or had his guards around him then the question is why didn't anyone notice his presence, in a highly secured area by the Army where he was just a few kilometers from the Pakistan's Military Academy headed by Maj Gen Mazhar Jamil, followed by Army Chief Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiyani who occasionally visits the academy to address cadets. The area where the movement of highest ranked officers take place never occurs without review of security situations, intelligence information etc."

For the most part, you will never ever be able to convince everyone that ULB is dead, but the dog is dead. It is good that he is dead, but it does not change a thing, we still have terrorist who want to do us harm, so the battle continues.  Now comes,  who is the next Bin Laden?  What this killing proves is this,  "it matters not where you hide, we will come knock on your door and get you". Bin Laden never ever thought he would be staring face to face with the United States Navy Seals, who put a round in his head and turned out his lights.  I can not imagine what he must have been thinking when he heard and saw those helicopters and United States troops landing in his compound, but it must have been a terrifying moment for his final moments on earth.

We all wonder why UBL felt so secure for the near ten years he avoided capture; I think we all know the real answer to this. Pakistan was taking very good care of UBL, does that shock you! Not in the least. We so happen feed them billions of dollars in aid yearly and they yearly stick it to us. Pakistan has known for years where UBL has been hiding, hell, they have been hiding him in my opinion."  Pakistan on one hand has captured and killed many terrorist, but for what ever reason, they would not give up UBL, and we must      know why,  we must know why UBL was living very close to a military training facility, why was that?

In closing,  I want to say this, I have strongly disagreed with the direction that President Obama is taking our country, I have not agreed with his economic policies, however, I will say that I agree with this most difficult decision on pulling the trigger on the raid that killed UBL, it was the right one. Our previous President, George Bush also deserves credit, had it been for the intelligence gained in the interrogation of Khalid Sheik Muhammad, this day may have never happened.

It is a great day for the United States of America, and a great day for the World. We should be extremely proud of our Military and our Navy Seals who along with our CIA, pulled off this operation with no American deaths. We lost one was well worth the venture.

Until Next Time, God Bless You, and God Bless America......


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