Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pakistan "Wag the Pooch"

In reading some Pakistani newspapers, one might get a distinct feeling that Pakistan is trying to instill some fear into their general population, concerning the true intentions of the United States. Soon after the successfully bin Laden raid by the United States, Pakistan had some major damage control to do with its citizens. So instead of telling the public the truth about the raid, and how they failed to detect an incoming invading force, Pakistan resorted to a "Wag The Dog" theory.  Pakistan played a blame game with its people...lets make up a scenario, a smoke screen, that the United States has another agenda other than Bin Laden.  Lets not provide the truth on how Usama Bin Laden had been hiding within Pakistan's border for years under our protection. The article below is from a Pakistani newspaper....they also make mention that their command and control capability to protect their nuclear weapons is impeccable. I think I might be a little worried with their command and control, they had little or no idea the United States had entered their airspace and killed bin Laden then departed without a clue the United States was even there,  all within a few hundred yards of their national military academy.  Yes, I would be somewhat worried.

"Finally, the fear in the minds of the general public and intelligence field alike that the US had its eyes on our nuclear installations and that behind its great game in the so-called Af-Pak region was an extremely wicked plan to defang nuclear Pakistan seems to have been confirmed by a British newspaper saying that President Obama has threatened to land troops to ‘protect’ our nuclear assets in case of an attack by terrorists avenging the death of Osama bin Laden.  It appears that President Obama is forgetting that our command and control capability to protect nuclear weapons is impeccable. It is indeed strong enough to pre-empt an attack by a regular state army. And there is no doubt that there has been a spate of mass-casualty attacks in the country and scores have died; however, jumping to the conclusion that terrorists will have the ability to destroy nuclear installations is preposterous and amounts to making a mountain out of a molehill. One is reminded of the hype created by the Obama Administration two years back that the Taliban in Swat were on the verge of running over Islamabad. The idea, therefore, of creating a scare about the possibility of a terrorist attack on our sensitive atomic facilities is only meant to further push Pakistan in the corner and isolate it in the international community. On the other hand, it was comforting to know that the troika meeting in Islamabad was unanimous in its resolve that the United States must be stopped from carrying out unilateral strikes in future. Attacks like Operation Geronimo are, of course, acts of naked aggression. The Abbottabad episode has brought home to the military as well as political leadership the existential danger to our stability posed by the United States. Currently, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Senator John Kerry has arrived in Islamabad on Saturday after issuing a warning from Kabul of grave consequences that include cutting off aid. There, he (John Kerry) also directly accused Pakistani authorities of having knowledge about terrorist sanctuaries. John Kerry appears to be in same mode of confrontation as he has handed over to General Kayani a list of specific demands that are about launching operations against terrorist safe havens. North Waziristan and the Haqqani network that has been neutral towards Pakistan seem to be the obvious target that the United States now wants eliminated."

After some intense soul-searching, Pakistan and the United States on Monday agreed on revisiting all phases of our bilateral relationship at a time when our ties have sunk to the lowest levels. However, Pakistan will continue to stick it to the United States at every opportunity they have. They will kiss our rear end, take our 3 billion in aid then continue to be an adversary in all since of the word. Pakistan will do nothing to assist the United States in the war on terror, they have proven this year after year after year. With that said, Pakistan needs the United States, they need our 3 billion dollar aid package.  I hope in light of Pakistan giving China visitation rights to carry off our helicopter parts, that the United States re-evaluates our relationship with Pakistan.  If Pakistan is our ally, who then is our enemy?

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If Pakistan is our ally, who then is our enemy?
Good one :)