Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ed Shultz...What a GAFF...

Truly Sorry?
Ed Shultz, you made a huge boneheaded gaff, what in the world possessed you to refer to Laura Ingraham as a slut?  Without doubt, you embarrassed your family, your wife, and your staff and your profession. I can not imagine how your wife must have felt about your outburst.  This little outburst, brought on because Laura critized Obama for chugging a pint of brew, Ingraham was within her right to do so.  Just because someone disagrees with your views Ed, does not give you the right resort to name smearing and to verbally assault her. This was a blatant character assassination.   Now you have apologized; at first, without hearing your apology, I felt any apology you made would not be sincere.  However I listened to your apology very closely, and in my opinion your were very sincere, and for that, I applaud you, it took some guts to apologize as you did, however the apology will not excuse you for your actions, only time will do that. I am sure your apology will be accepted,  because Laura is a classy lady.  We are fortunate to have her, Ms. Ingraham is a credit to her profession.  As for you Ed,  your peers, fans and sponors will be your judge, not me.  I believe you have learned your lesson,  time will tell.  Good luck. After the verbal assault, Ed Shultz of  “The Ed Show,” was suspended for one week without pay, due to comments he made about conservative radio host Laura Ingraham. Schultz twice called her a “slut.”  “Remarks of this nature are unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” said a statement from MSNBC

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