Thursday, May 26, 2011

Welfare...It's Sinking America, and I Can't Swim!

Welfare Entitlements
balloning Debt
You keep hearing daily about our mounting national debt, a bloated 14 trillion and growing fast. I am sick and tired of hearing both the left and the right attacking each other and not attacking the root of the problem. Yes George W. Bush had tons of blame, as does globe trotting Obama, adding his 34 billion per day to the national debt since he entered office. We all know that, that's is all we hear. It's Bush's fault, it is not my fault. Horse manure, it is everybody's fault. The dems are still pushing their astronomical spending programs and not addressing any major reforms on the entitlement programs, say Medicaid, for one, lets add in section 8 housing as another and let us add in food stamps. You are looking at the majority of our debt problems. Medicaid, Section 8 housing and food stamps rose 54% to Medicares 14%. You are looking at the most abused entitlement programs the United States offers. living in South Texas, I have seen the abuses on a daily basis. Especially the food stamps and Medicaid.  I went to 2 hospitals and spoke with emergency room admitting about the admissions of people without insurance. Well I found out that the bulk of emergency Medicaid comes from the illegal immigrants and homeless.  It is down to an art form. If you have no money, you go to the ER, as they can not refuse treatment, your treated and out the door you go, if you get admitted, then the ER already knows that the person has no insurance so they apply for emergency Medicaid, and bingo, no hassles, very little questions and Medicaid is approved. You can go basically anywhere in the United States sit at an ER and witness what I just described, I have, on more than once.  Please do not think I am heartless, I am not, your sick your sick, get treated, but make an effort to pay for it. Or, better yet, start your legal immigration process or get a job. For the past year, I have had no insurance, just Monday, I had to drop $300 bucks for a doctors visit. Other people use our programs and do not contribute one single dollar, and use it as if it was their personal insurance company...I think I will declare I am an illegal alien from Canada, with no money and see if I can get treated for free. Oops, that is fraud, heaven forbid.
Go to your local grocery store and watch people deal with their food stamps...they have it down to an art, it just appears our government is ready to dish out all of the entitlements with little oversight. Section eight housing is also a abused severely,  go apply for housing and just say you are unemployed, no food nor a place to stay, and bingo here comes section 8 housing to the rescue. I have a friend who owns several rental homes, 60% is section 8 housing, and none of these places are dumps.

Again, all of the programs are good, and are needed, but there is no oversight and the fraud is running running unchecked. As I said earlier,  food stamps, section 8 and Medicaid rose by 54% and medicare, the program I hear more about, rose only by 14%, so what needs to be addressed to save our country, in my thoughts, everything needs to be looked at, everything. I am tired of the crying and whining between party's, get off you rear-ends do what you where elected for and save America.

China is waiting in the wings, just waiting for the collapse, if this is what you want, stay the course, if not, do your job, and make the necessary reforms. It is going to be difficult, better difficult than losing our country. As for you go Obama, you need to read the tea leaves, it is what can you do for me NOW,  I have seen NOTHING so far that I like, except lip service.

As they say, Lead, Move or get out of the way.........

Reform, Section 8 Food Stamps Medicaid, --up by 54%
Medicare------------------------------------ up by14%

I am not against welfare, it is absolutely needed, I am against all of the abuse, fraud and government waste, it is sinking this country......Remember 2012,

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