Thursday, May 19, 2011

More of What We Don't Have - Money to Egypt & Tunisia

Guess what, now this may shock you so prepare yourself; the European Investment Bank said it needs more money from the European Union to support a transition to democracy in Tunisia, Egypt and other countries in the Arab region. Well that is just wonderful, according to the EIB, their funds are exhausted; (CALL USA) but not to worry Egypt and Tunisia, the President of the bankrupt United States will come through for you and  print up some greenbacks for you, not a problem. We do not mind giving you the money we do not have, we borrow the funds from our landlord, China anyway.  What is the money going to be used for, how about a Muslim out reach program, to create jobs in Tunisia an Egypt.  The money is going to be a middle eastern stimulas package, instead of the money going to establish some type of commercial trade between countries, but this is common sense,  so it will not happen.  
1. 5 Billion, Whose Counting
We think with [$8.2 billion] we could do something significant in the coming years, " EIB President Philippe Maystadt said, adding that the priority for new projects must be the creation of jobs, especially for young people.   Many of them have been frustrated by the lack of job opportunities in their countries and were seen as the main drivers of the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. In 2010, the EIB lent a record $3.5 billion to projects in the Arab region, making it the biggest provider of long-term financing there. The trouble is, and the reason why the United States is being squeezed for the additional funds is the 3.5 billionpayout,  along with an overall increases in investments during the economic crunch, has almost broken the bank.  So I guess we go borrow from Peter (China) to pay Paul (Egypt). Go figure. I just shake my head in disgust. Let me clarify something. When I say I shake my head in disgust, it's I am sick and tired of GIVING AWAY money we do not have, giving money away with no oversight, so in whose pockets does the money end up?  I understand the reason why Obama wants to give the money, he wants to reward Egypt and Tunisia for attempting to establish democracy.  Now here is the problem.  You can establish a democratic nation, you can establish human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press and all of the rights that we take for granted, but no matter how much money you give, there will always be groups of people that will  "HATE AMERICA"   It does not matter what the United States has done for the people or how much money you give them, they will hate America and for what it stands for. Also, we are not paying attention to the real problem in my opinion, CHINA, however, I will leave that for another day.  It should be interesting to say the least..

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