Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pakistan........Friend or FOE !!

The Osama bin Laden Compound is now in the hands of the Pakistan Government.  In my opinion there can be no doubt someone within the Pakistan Government/Military knew the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden, and has known for some time,  it is just a matter of finding who in the Government knew, and when they knew it.

We need to know for certain who in the government knew of OBL's whereabouts, maybe not everyone knew where OBL was, but you can rest assured someone in the Military chain of command did know.

According to media reports, the government run  Pakistan Military Academy in Abbottabad, is no more than a few hundred yards from bin Ladens million dollar compound.  How does one build such a huge compound which has a three story building on the premise without drawing the attention of someone, it does not make any sense at all. Who owned the land the compound was built on?  With the billions of dollars of aid provided to Pakistan government by the United States, we need to know is Pakistan our FRIEND OR FOE.  Can we trust them in future operations, or do we scratch them off the list of allies and move on unilaterally? 
 I highly doubt that the United States will scratch them off or suspend any aid (1.3 billion annually) the bottom line is they are a nuclear power and we need to maintain close quarter contact with the Pakistani Government, as much as I dislike the thought. 

Without question the Pakistan Military has either killed or captured many high level terrorist  prior to Bin Ladens death, maybe that was done to appease the United States government, to keep the heat off while bin Laden was roaming free in Abbottabad.   

Senator Lindsey Graham said "For those who want to cut off aid to Pakistan, I understand your frustration,"  "But at the end of the day, if you want to create a failed state in Pakistan, one of the best things to do is sever relationships. It is not in our national security interest to let this one event destroy what is a difficult partnership but a partnership nonetheless." 

I happen to agree with Senator Graham on this issue.  Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari is denying suggestions his country's security forces may have sheltered Osama bin Laden, and said their cooperation with the United States helped pinpoint bin Laden. (I thought we were told this was a unilaterally operation and Pakistan was not told of the operation.) If Pakistan assisted, then someone is not telling the truth.  What was Pakistan's role in assisting in the operation, the American people need know. Time will tell. 

The United States by not advising Pakistan of the operational plans to capture or kill bin Laden,  sent a very strong and chilling message to the Pakistan Government,  indicating if the intelligence warrants, and  we have a high value target(s) in our sights, and on your soil, we will act unilaterally to kill or capture the target, with or without their assistance or permission if you fail to cooperate.  Pakistan may understand, they have no choice but to cooperate with the United States in this war on terror, it serves the best interest of both countries. We have to trust our allies and they need to trust us.

There was a reason Pakistan was not told of the operation, a very good reason, it is called previously failed attempts to capture bin Laden, it was not going to happen again. Hopefully the United States and Pakistan move forward in this venture,  Al-Qaeda has killed more innocent Muslims than any other religious organization, that in itself should be a motivating factor. However this is a religious war that has been going on for thousands of years.

The war on terror continues, we have a long way to go, yes we are happy that bin Laden is dead, now who is going to be the next bin Laden. Six (6) of the 8 terrorist listed below were either captured or killed in Pakistan. So if you want to use the below captioned information to gauge that Pakistan Military/Government knew that OBL was in Pakistan, feel free, I just know they have questions to answer.  

Captured within Pakistan*

1. Osama bin Laden*- KIA - Pakistan 2011
2. Kalid Shiek Mohammed* - Captured Pakistan
3. Mushin Mush Atwah* - KIA - Pakistan 2006
4. Ahmed Mohammed Hamed Ali* - Pakistan 2010
5. Sheikh Ahmed Salim Swenden* - KIA Pakistan 2009
6. Fahid Mohammed Ally Msalm* KIA Pakistan
7. Mohammed Atef* - KIA- Kabul
8. Imad Mughniyah* KIA - Damascus Syria

In closing, we need to stay on guard, as the boogey man is still out there, and they want to do us harm.

Until next time, God Bless You and may God Bless America....


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