Thursday, May 5, 2011

United States Trash = Chinese Treasure...!!

Their she is, in all of her glory, one of the United States highly treasured aircraft (a highly modified version of an H-60 Black Hawk) laying in a heap within the compound where bin Laden was killed. It may be a blown up helicopter to some,  but to the Chinese it is a treasurer trove of technology and they are chomping at the bit to get their little hands all over it, if nothing else just a tiny piece.. They have already copied for the most part, our F-22 Raptor. So can you imagine the behind the doors negotiation that is going on with Pakistan.  Remember one thing, Pakistan is our ally in the war on terror, we give them billions of dollars in aid, they would not violate our our trust and hand over the remains our the helicopter to the Chinese. The hell they won't. bin Laden was sleeping next door to Pakistan's National Military Academy for years.  You can bet, China has already dropped a dime to someone in Pakistan attempting to make an offer they more than likely will not refuse. Chances are we might get the major parts back, but not before the Chinese have gone over the Black Hawk from top to bottom, and taking some material with them. A  Black Hawk is modified to reduce rotor noise and make it more difficult to be detected by radar and a complex exhaust system and fresh air ejectors to lessen the aircraft's heat signals.  One would think the Pentagon or the White House is all over the Pakistani making them understand if any part of that helicopter is missing, their will be hell to pay.  You can just imagine how the Chinese are going to assert themselves to make sure that they secure a piece of the Black Hawk. 

Time will tell, we will know the truth at some point, when the Chinese unveil their new Stealthy Helicopter, courtesy of the Pakistan government. I hope that the United States, in particular, Barack Obama, will not stand ideally by and allow the Pakistan government to hand the Chinese our helicopter technology as an early Christmas gift.  However knowing that Pakistan more than likely knew that bin Laden was in their back yard, is not a very comforting thought is it?

Until next time May God Bless You and May God Bless America........


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