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4 More Years of The Obama Failure I think Not......

I am not sure how most Americans might feel, but this writer will say, enough is enough..We are in another war that is not a war, we are fighting terrorist that are not terrorist, and sooner than later, we all will be living in an America that is not the America we have grown to know and love. Sooner than later, if we allow this man another 4 years, we will be living a life style none of us are accustomed of living in. As it is we are broke, and as I hear, Obama will be spending more and more, with no end in sight.  Instead of growing jobs in America, we are giving jobs to Brazil. Now lets see what else we can pull out of the hat this President has failed at, lets start with since failing to fulfill his promise to overhaul immigration policy, President Barack Obama has asked Latino voters for patience as the economy spirals out of control, health care reform and other issues dominated his early agenda.  If you pay attention to the 2010 cenus, uyou have to notice the Latinos are the largest minority group in the nation.According to a recent poll, 70% of Latinos approve of Obama, but only 43% will vote for him again.  I wonder why only 43% plan on voting for him........................could it be he just flat out lied, what is new he is just a politician, they all lie., I am sure you have figured this out without me having to tell you, do you remember the chants of................................

"Yes we can!  roared the crowd. It was an emotional night for everyone. The 2008 presidential election was over. John McCain had lost to the first major party endorsed African-American presidential candidate in United States history. We finally closed troubling chapters in our history such as Mississippi burning and the civil rights marches of Selma. Republicans, including the bewildered Religious Right, sat stunned in their seats wondering what would happen to their country. It was not because the Democratic Party was any different from the Bush Administration but because the GOP had pathetically lost its neo-conservative bully pulpit in the White House. Democrats cheered with glee at the opportunity to take back the power that was theirs during the Clinton Glory Days. They salivated at the prospect of re-introducing neo-liberal interventionism on foreign soil and overseas markets They longed to once again crank the Dollar presses to inflate the money supply in the name of the "poor" this time instead of "business". They would gladly finish the work of the Fall of the American Empire started under the Bush Regime.

And now, the smoke and mirrors game goes on. The crooked politicians of 2009 are no different than the corrupt politicians of the Gilded Age or the Roaring Twenties. Crony capitalists like oil barons and railway tycoons then lined the pockets of our nation's representatives to further the goals of Big Business and destroy the wealth of American workers. Sound familiar? President Obama had a unique opportunity in history -- and he blew it. He brought us "change" indeed. He slammed the Bush Doctrine in all its ugly forms of secrecy and judicial obstruction into executive hyper-drive. The rhetoric of compassionate conservative now became the drivel of compassionate liberalism.  If there is one thing Americans say about Obama it is this: he cares.
He cares for the mechanic in Detroit who lost his job. He cares for the middle-aged couple living in the Hooverville tent outside Sacramento. He cares for the middle class mother and her three kids in Toledo spending their nights in a homeless shelter with the addicted and the ignored.  But does Obama really care?
No he does not care one stinking bit. In fact, his compassionate liberalism runs so deep that it pulls a move from the old Ronald Reagan playbook we knew as trickle-down economics. These days the compassionate White House grants bail-out money to financial monsters like AIG and Bank of America. There could be no better help for the American veteran shivering under a bridge tonight because there just aren't any more jobs. (Unless of course, you can beat out the 200 other people applying for that one lonely job opening.) The idea is that bail-out money will sooner or later trickle-down to the great unwashed masses of Americans wondering what in Sam Hill happened to the real estate market and their retirement accounts. It may only be a drop of financial bail-out -- but hey it trickled down. Next up, bread lines!  The truth is that the White House allowed corporate giant CEOs to loot and pilfer the public treasury. This Administration is following the same tortured logic of the previous one which assured us that falsely accused cab drivers from Baghdad were receiving comfortable attention at Guantanamo Bay. The left-right political paradigm in this country is a sham. (Sorry to disappoint my fellow Evangelical Christians.) Both parties have proven to be Big Business, Big Government warmongers. For those who actually wished McCain had been elected just think about this: the GOP would have put up no opposition to the new President's Stimulus Package and would have rammed through trillions more in "help" for America. So there you have it. President Obama is as bad as the worst conservative and as bad as the worst liberal -- and all with a smile. How is the left-right scenario a sham? Consider the following. The gay rights issue is a political distraction. Stem cell research? Just more Big Research pork-barrel spending. Abortion? It's the political Gordian Knot that requires even the most astute of political science majors to bust a gut if they dare try to untie it. The so-called immigration invasion? A typical act of sensational yellow journalism that says, "Look over there, Bubba! It ain't your own government stealin' your hard-earned dollars, it's them Mexicans lookin' for revenge and dishwasher jobs since the Alamo!" Sorry, Pat Buchanan, the "Death of the West" comes from the corruption in our government, not the immigrants heading back home in record numbers. What are the real issues of post-election America? For starters, the destruction of individual wealth in this country, save for the high upper class. We are on the verge of an economic meltdown that will dwarf the Great Depression and will take decades to recover. There is no need for a conspiracy theory here -- only the urgency of understanding the mess that we allowed to happen and how we can financially protect ourselves. We must not waste time. We must move our already-compromised and over-valued U.S. Dollars into assets of real value. This does not include real estate unless you're buying ten cents or less on the high-priced dollar. Forget your 401(k), pensions and your annuities. Unless you can take your money out, they are toast. The stock market is one toxic graveyard, particularly finance shares. Dump them. Invest in precious metals, food supply, cigarettes, alcohol and medicine for trade and help for your neighbors when the Dollar collapses. Consider buying silver, palladium and gold from reputable sellers like I personally recommend because I support the goals of the owner Jason Hommel to bring silver back as the most effective medium of exchange. Remember, that despite the U.S. Treasury's naked assertions, the U.S. Constitution expressly reserves the right of individual States to mint legal tender coins so long as they're gold or silver. When the dollar collapses, I do not think that New York City will burn or that the United States will come to an immediate end. But if it did, the blame must rest entirely on Barack Obama and his Congressional Criminal Syndicate. Some might here criticize me as being unfair. After all, George W. Bush The Evangelical nearly bankrupted this country with his illegal wars, his blatant lies to stir Americans to bloodshed, his deliberate obstruction to the 9/11 Commission, his last-minute corporate bailout to the tune of hundreds of billions, his economic tinkering with interest rates, his unconscionable acts of torturing innocent men and children, his doubling of the national debt, et cetera, et cetera.  But let me be clear about this. George W. Bush is a public menace. He and his cadre must be tried and convicted of their crimes. But that will never happen under an Obama Presidency, in spite of the President's left-leaning brand of crony capitalism. The Truth Commission currently at play in the Congress is merely a circus show to fool Americans into thinking that we actually take seriously the crimes of torture, invasion, occupation, mayhem, pillaging, looting, rape, pollution, perjury, bribery and killing of civilians with illegal weapons of war. Every moment that the Obama Administration rolls on without prosecuting the crimes of the former Administration, it exists as a de facto confirmation that our new President has sold out to the rich and that he lied to his Democratic base and the American voter. The White House today has continued in the same deadly bait-and-switch tactics of the former Village Idiot-In-Chief. Additionally, Obama has moved to control more media and aggressively solidify relationships with members of the "War and Bankers Party" on both sides of the aisle. For a President to vociferously take on Rush Limbaugh the GOP's talk radio attack dog is an alarming signal. Besides the fact that the Democrats want to point out the weakness of the GOP's leadership vacuum, Obama is inserting himself into the realm of media and entertainment instead of focusing on how his office can uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution in light of the economic crisis. Are we really so surprised to see the leftist authoritarian Hugo Chavez, who is a regular media personality, cheer Obama in his nationalization and socialization of the banking and insurance industries? Evangelical Christian radio stations are scared stiff about the Democratic-led Congress reviving restrictions on Americans to share their religious opinions over the people's airwaves. And they should be concerned. (I particularly enjoy my local station.) After all, the same kind of government that monitors, censors, filters and controls any form of media is the same type of authoritarianism that steals, plunders and coerces its own people. One look at China's control of the internet and Google's sickening overture to that regime is enough to make any civil libertarian's skin crawl. Reports that Australia is considering Chinese-style filtering over what their people can access on the internet makes me want to boycott eucalyptus leaves.

So why is President Obama responsible for our economic debacle?

Because it's the first rule of leadership. Everything is your fault. If he didn't like the prospect of being stuck with the mess of his predecessor he should have remained in the Senate or considered an honest living like working for AIG or Lehmann Brothers. Obama has not only repeated the same unconstitutional trespasses of Bush II, but he actually increased the amount of corporate welfare to the Bank Barons. Obama turned a blind eye to the Federal Reserve's arbitrary usury practice through the printing of increasingly worthless U.S. Dollars.  Are we really going to see a Dow Jones 4000? The answer is regrettably yes -- and then some. There are economic forces at play that will no longer be ignored or manipulated. Human behavior will always gravitate towards self-preservation and the protection of our future generations through wealth-building, capital, production and labor. All the paper fiat money and government spending in the world can never stop that or help this economic disaster recover without drastic corrections to our own cursed speculative market. The times of fast and easy money are over. President Obama has not even finished his first year in office and I must already call him out as one of the worst Executives ever in the history of our Republic. Bush II is close behind. Every GOP and Democratic elected leader that voted for any of these crooked bail-outs deserves a one-way ticket to an electoral defeat. Should state law allow it, a public tar-and-feathering might be in order.
When our country faced economic dangers, depressionary woes and international volatility let it be said that President Obama failed to protect us from the corruption of Congress, the indifference of the Judiciary and the foolishness of the People. Let it be said that he abandoned his post to uphold the Constitution. Let it be said that he whored his policies and his office for the rich and powerful, both foreign and domestic. Let it be said that we voted for change and all we got was the Raw Deal of the Obama Failure." 
 The above quoted article by Abelardo Arias is a private attorney and an independent-minded libertarian 

In closing, I do not have an idea of what is ahead for all of us, I know that the hard times are more than likely just around the corner. However, I do know and fear if we re-elect this man to another 4 year term, the country as we know it is over........this man will completely destroy this country...if this is the type of leader you want, then you should be happy......

Until next time, God Bless You and God Bless America...


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