Monday, April 25, 2011

The Great Fib!!!

Now, under the disguise of the deficit reduction, Obama has launched a new chorus of outright lies against the necessary spending cuts, including many small businesses and investors with incomes above $200,000.   He taints these job creators as the selfish rich  who wants to take away health insurance for the  poor children, the disabled children and the autistic children, what a lie. 
Here is a comment made by  the anointed one,  he told a group of community college students last Tuesday the following;
“We can’t just tell the wealthiest among us, you don’t have to do a thing. Especially when we know that the only way to pay for (extending) these tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans is by asking seniors to pay thousands of dollars more for their health care, or cutting children out of Head Start, or doing away with health insurance for millions of Americans on Medicaid........ seniors in nursing homes, and/or poor children, or middle-class families who may have a disabled child, or an autistic child.  In reality,  the above comments should be extremely offensive to most Americans.  I firmly believe Obama believes that core group of Americans are too stupid to know any different.  These are not only lies, but Obama is using these lies to smear and demonize Americans who disagree with him.The worse part,  Obama’s using our society’s most vulnerable members as the pawns for his radical agenda,  and it is a measuring stick for just how really desperate Obama's  liberal cronies have become. This is a very good indicator on how Obama will do anything to STOP the right  from repealing Obamacare and some of his other far left policies. This is the type of politics that will be on the forefront of Obama's campaign, demonize the right and lie about health care. It is politics as usual, on both sides. When is it going to stop, when will Congress and this President figure it out, they need to do what is right for the American people, not who passes what. However I feel this may never happen...we have very little time to waste before we lose our country....

Until next time....take care and God Bless You and God Bless America.....


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