Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obama's New Pastor....Same Old Tune...America is Racist

Why is it that President Obama's choice of churches appear to be ones that spread the word of racism and hatred instead of spreading the word of God?  I am very puzzled. Remember Rev. Jeremiah Wright's sound bite, "God Damn America".  Those words are still vivid in my mind.  Now Obama, which of course is entitled to select a church or pastor of his choice. So Obama selects  Pastor Dr. Wallace Charles Smith of the Shiloh Baptist Church in Washington D.C. and attended his service on Easter Sunday.  This just might explain some of the unanswered question about Obama and Rev Wright doesn’t it? 

James Parker at WRNO-FM in New Orleans did some digging yesterday about Shiloh Baptist’s pastor, Dr. Wallace Charles Smith  not only did he find that Smith loves to preach on race, but he noticed Smith even infused race into yesterday’s Easter sermon: One has to dig into the blog notes from various reporters to piece together the content from the sermon. Aside from the First Couple being honored guests, Pastor Wallace Charles Smith also announces that his 4 week old grandson is attending church for the first time, and a pool reporter noted an interesting perspective on the infant: “[Pastor Smith] talked about how his baby grandson’s gurgling is actually “talking” because he is saying ‘I am here … they tried to write me off as 3/5 a person in the Constitution, but I am here right now … and is saying I am not going to let anybody from stopping me from being what God wants me to be.’”
Parker asks the obvious questions:

The pastor hears American institutional racism in a baby’s gurgle? Do most people with infants hear Constitutional bigotry in their baby’s gibberish? Did any mention of the 3/5 clause or racism in general make it into the Easter service you attended? Is this pastor’s amazing leap from a baby bark to white oppression another coincidence to add to the list, or has he established a pattern of race baiting and white bashing in the past? The answer, Parker says, is easily found in a quick YouTube search. During a speech last year at Eastern University, Smith rejected the idea that America is moving past race. In fact, he said racism is alive and rampant in America, especially on the conservative airways. Not only did he insinuate that Fox News hosts are racist, but he also said Rush Limbaugh is a new breed of KKK member:

You will have to make up your own minds on this issue. Instead of trying to bring this country together, Obama, by attending the Churches of some of the most controversial Pastors, is adding to the racial divide in this country. President Obama was not elected to Office by just the African vote, he was elected to office by white America, Hispanics, the Irish Americans and so on. Obama was elected by the class of people which make this nation what it is.....GREAT. It pains me to see how this is being played out.  As the President of the United States of America, common sense would tell you that steer clear of the controversial people. I guess Obama does not get the message.  He will get the message in 2012.

Unitl next time, God Bless You and God Bless America..


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