Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Legal Immigrants and Slaves...Compared to Illegals who Swim the River and Break The Law??

Had I not heard the statement by the President of the United States with my own ears, I would not have believed it.  He said in short,  that it makes no difference from where you come, be it as an immigrant who landed at Ellis Island [legally], or on a slave ship [forced], or if you came across the Rio Grande River [illegally],  you are welcomed in the United States of America.  Obama just informed the populace of Mexico and other countries to pack their bags and come on over; we will pay your bills, your rent, your education, your electrical bill, your grocery bill and your health coverage.  Obama was at a fund raiser in San Francisco when he made those comments today.  Come to Texas or Arizona and make those comments and see how well received the comments will be received.  You would rather make comments like that in a sanctuary city, like San Francisco, but not in the heart of say,  Arizona.  This was one of the most outrageous statements I have heard.  
If I was a African American, I would be angered to the 10th degree for my ancestors who may have been forced to cross the ocean in a slave ship to be compared to someone who broke the law by swimming the Rio Grande River and gaining entry to the United States illegally and obtaining benefits not entitled to them. Many illegals, not just Hispanics have stolen identities, social security numbers etc, and you compare them to people who entered this country legally.  If my ancestors are or were immigrants who legally entered the United States at Ellis Island were compared to someone who swam across the Rio Grande River and entered the States illegally, I would be angry. How can Obama make such an argument, it is disrespectful to the countless immigrants who arrived on our shores and obtained citizenship the legal way.  This is nothing more than pandering to the illegal immigrants,  and an attempt to appease our Hispanic population into voting for him. That statement would have been better served by stating we are a nation of multi-cultures who have come together through and by legal means, we want and encourage immigration, legal immigration. However our country is economically unable to sustain entitlement programs for illegal aliens and take care of our citizens at the same time. We welcome you to this country provided you meet all the legal immigration requirements. That is all that needed to be said and all that should have been said.

Until next time, May God Bless You and May God Bless America....

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