Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Border Violence Increases & Illegal Immigration Soaring

I want to apologize in advance for some of the gruesome pictures I have displayed. I feel it is the only way to show you how bad the situation is just south of our border, not more than 30 miles from the United States. We have to make people understand exactly what our law enforcement community will be up against should the violence spill over to U.S.

The border violence in Mexico is on the increase. Since early April, 88 bodies have been discovered in a mass grave on a ranch in northern Mexico. The graves were found in the same municipality where 72 illegal migrants from Central and South America were massacred in August 2010 after being kidnapped as they transited Mexico. One U.S. citizen has also been reported missing in the same area. What is puzzling, Janet Napolitano keeps saying that our Borders are safe. In my opinion, it is just a matter of time before the border explodes into violence on the scale of what is happening on the Mexican side. Just read the cards. The cartels are fearless and will stop at nothing to get their drugs into the United States. If Napolitano believes for a moment that these guys will not challenge our law enforcement she is wrong. However Napolitano knows this already,  how can she explain off the deaths of our brave Border Patrol Agents, as a random acts of violence? Sorry, that dog does not hunt. There have been countless incursions of the Mexican Military into the United States and still the nothing is done to secure the borders. Some of the Military works with the cartel very little about this is reported however. I go back to the statement that Obama made, "That United States can absorb another 9/11 attack". Really? What will the victims of 9/11 say about this. I wonder. Where do you think the Mexican cartels are learning their terror tactics, learning how to detonate car bombs? Just think about it that for a minute. I have had multiple sources from Mexico tell me that there have been Hamas factions giving the cartel terror lessons. Is it true, I have no idea, is it possible, absolutely possible. I have never seen so much violence in Mexico, not on this scale. Is it ever going to improve? Not anytime soon. Unless the Mexican government backs off and gives in to the cartel demands.
Cartel Soldier
I am very doubtful the Mexican government will give in anytime soon. President Calderon has played his hand when he went on the offensive against the cartels shortly after he took office in 2006.  However Calderon has gained very little ground against the cartels. Evidenced by the local passengers who have been abducted from busses between March 24 and March 29, this added to the latest string of violence in Mexico' s war against the drug cartels which alone in the state of Tamaulipas has led to the killing of 160 people in the last month. 160 people killed in one month alone, and the Obama administration believes that the violence will not spill over to the United States. I hope they are right, however I believe it is just a matter of time until violence spills over.  Sources I have talked with on the United States side agree. What about the David Hartley case, nothing really major has developed since
Mexican Soldier
Hartley was shot off of his jet ski by Zeta cartel members in Southern Texas as Hartley and his wife were exploring a church on the Mexican side of Falcon lake. Mexico has indicated some arrests were made and that is the truth, but the arrest were nothing more non-significant cartel "gophers" who were just "give-ups," appeasement arrests for a lack of a better word. Who knows how this is going to play out. Does the United States get involved. I hope that they would put the pressure on Mexico, the Hartley family deserves it. With that said, Mexico has shown no ability to be able to gain an advantage against the cartels. Since President Felipe Calderon's crackdown on drug cartels and organized crime in 2006, the violence has claimed more than 36,000 lives, an average of about 9,000 victims per year  Whatever the numbers are, it is unacceptable. With all the death and violence on both sides of the border their appears that there are no viable solutions on the horizon. "In spite of an effort to do more, there does not appear to be a plan in place that actually accomplishes the objectives of a secure border," Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said in a recent speech to the U.S.-Mexico Congressional Border Issues Conference. One of the major reasons we have to accept as a nation is the the huge drug consumption. An issue which has seen billions of  tax dollars dumped into rehab programs which for the most part has failed.  Most of the government planning is focused on the busy Arizona-Mexico border. We need a plan for the entire border, from the Gulf Coast to the Pacific in order to have a chance. However this is my opinion, and it may not be worth much.  
Another issue that we will have to take into consideration with the Drug War/Border Violence is the fear of what could be unleashed next from Mexican President Felipe Calderon's four-year-old war against the drug cartels has border-state officials very nervous. So far, as i indicated above about 36,000 people have been killed, including several Americans. A recent report suggested about a quarter-million Mexicans have been displaced from their homes and about a quarter of those have come to the United States. Most are Mexicans, however some are O.T.M.'s  (Other than Mexican.) This could include, people of middle eastern decent, Brazilians, Chinese etc. You get the picture. We revert right back to the original problem........."The Borders Are Not Secured"   Here is an interesting comment made by  Bradley Schreiber, a former Homeland Security senior adviser and current vice president for the Applied Science Foundation for Homeland Security, " Schreiber said the government has employed a piecemeal strategy using technology or personnel.  But so far, the government hasn't developed a solid way to measure the threat and therefore can't know for sure if it is really responding to it in the best way.  "We don't know what the threat is because we haven't done a thorough assessment," Schreiber said. "We don't know what's coming across, and we don't have a strategy to address it."  What else is there left to say, to me, it makes what Janet Napolitano has been preaching a mute point, that our borders are secure. I do not believe so. If the violence spills over.....I can not even imagine the consequences.

2012 is fast approaching,  there are major issues on the table that need to be addressed, Obama will have had 4 years to have made a difference. I guess he has made a difference, a deficit that has increased by 34 billion dollars a day since he has been in office, borders that are unsecure and now has us in a third war, and $4.00 a gallon gasoline prices. Obama has criticized and blamed President Bush for the same conduct and nothing is said by mainstream media. It is acceptable for one, but not the other. It will be let to us to make the right choice for America....................we do not have much time left.

Until next time, May God Bless You and may God Bless America.


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