Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nothing New....Tax More....Spend More......Borrow More.....

I just finished listening to Obama's deficit reduction plan, here it is ...Spend More, Tax More, Tax the Rich More, Regulate More and Borrow More from China, oh and spread the wealth.  As Obama said, we have to use a "scalpel" and not a machete to trim the deficit...use a big ole CHAIN SAW and lop off what we can live without and reform social security and medicare and medicade, the heck with using a scalpel.  I know I am not very eloquent when I write, that is because I am not a professional writer. However, I am one of you, just a plain ordinary person (retired Police Officer) who happens to care about my country and the direction our country is headed under this President.  So please excuse my writing style. My friend and professional writer, Alan Caruba (Warning Points) told me it is what is in your heart that matters, and that what you say is true.  Well, in my heart I can say is our country is in DEEP DEEP TROUBLE and something drastic has to be done sooner than later. I seem to worry more daily than I ever have, I am afraid of what is going to be left for my son and his family, and for your family,  and if things do not change, neither he or my grandchildren or your family will have anything to look forward to in the future.

I listened to the Obama speech. Unlike Joe Biden, who fell asleep during the speech. What I took away from Obama's disingenuous speech was he is officially announcing that he is running for President and is in the campaign mode. The other thing I noticed is he still is failing to take responsibility for any of his failed policies. He is still blaming President Bush for the troubles of today. I am not condoning the Bushes mistakes, but Obama is not manning up to his mistakes. Not mentioning of course that since he took office, he has added approximately $34 billion dollars a day to the deficit. Obama has borrowed more money and added more to the deficit quicker than any President in history of this nation. President Obama outlined his new spending plan Wednesday which he claimed would cut the deficit by $4 trillion within 12 years with a combination of spending cuts and tax increases on the families making more than $250,000  I tell you one thing, I pay my fair share of taxes, up and over than what I paid in though out the year. I am now self employed and I am going to be punished even more by additional taxes or if I make $250 grand. Where is the incentive to expand, what is the incentive to create jobs. None that I see. I would love to see how much Obama has NOT paid in taxes. However, just like his birth certificate, we will not see that either. 
What is amazing about Obama screaming tax the rich they can afford it, if that is the case, what is up with Obamas great BFF, Jeffery Immelt, the CEO of "GE".  Mr. Immelt has been pounced on since the New York Times reported last week that GE paid no federal income taxes in 2010 despite reporting about $5.1 billion in profits from U.S. operations and more than $14 billion world-wide, and rightfully so.  In fact, the Times reported, the company claimed a $3.2 billion benefit. So what Obama is saying, I want to tax the very rich and the fairly rich, but when it comes to my BFF,  it is OK that the Immelt and the Immelts of the world do not pay one single penny in taxes....this is what is called the the "Old Potomac Two Step" Obama has learned to dance very well.  Obama's so called deficit reduction plan also calls for a "fail safe" trigger, which would apply across-the-board spending cuts if the national debt, as a percentage of GDP, is not on the decline by 2014. He forecast $770 billion in savings over the next 12 years through non-security discretionary cuts, and another $400 billion in that time frame from the defense budget. 

So in closing, what I can say, is that if SOMEONE needs to step up and take a leadership role, from whatever party because it is apparent that Obama does not have the experience to get us out of the mess he has created. Coupled with the Bush issues, Obama has just kept piling on the debt and has continued spending.  Major cuts have to be made now in order to save our nation... So someone pick up the ball,  and as the great 21st philosopher, Larry the Cable Guy would say,  would say..........."GET ' ER DONE!!"

Until next time...........God Bless You and May God Bless America.........................


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