Monday, April 11, 2011

The Budget is a Joke..."Read' em and Weep"

I think my main question is does anyone in the Obama administration really understand that this great country is absolutely just drowning in debt. Does this alleged leader really think he will be able to spend us out of this crisis. If the people of the United States kept their finances like Obama and his bonehead advisers do, the entire population of the United States would be underwater. I have not seen nor have I heard of any plan by the Obama administration to attempt to reduce the debt.  All I hear is for increased spending. Had it not been for the Republicans and Tea Party forcing the issue, this past budget would would have been passed as is with no spending cuts. As it was, the budget went down to the last minute. This week brings another big speech by President Obama, on topics likely to follow him and the Republicans for the rest of the year and into the 2012 election: Budget deficits and the federal debt. What I am seeing and hearing is the budget is a joke and assumes a lot. You know what happens when we assume, it makes an ASS -out of-U- and ME.  That is what is awaiting Obama, and I fear the most, the administration does not give a flip about what happens. SPEND- SPEND -SPEND!! Obama’s budget projects(ASSUMES) that the United States will have  economic growth of around 4 to 5 percent for most of the coming decade.

Just click on the link below to get a look at the hard numbers for the 2012 budget, and as I said in the title, read'em and weep....I have and I am still weeping. Folks this is scary stuff, I hope you care as much as I do.
 Heck I can not even predict what is for breakfast tomorrow, much less 10 years from now. Guess what, neither can Obama. Another huge issue that is alarming, unless we can figure a way to STOP other countries from paying slave wages to workers,  the United States will continue to lose jobs so fast that it will all you will hear is the large sucking sound of our jobs leaving the U.S. headed for different parts of the globe.  It just amounts to profits and everyone needs profits, and the heck with the consequences.  China is owning us, not only in loans, but in imports... make China pay a 100% import tax. Another good way, just look at the MADE IN LABEL....if it says China, put it back on the shelf and DO NOT BUY IT! I am not and do not claim to be an economist, but I do know if you spend more than you does not work. And the United States is not producing more than it spends. We are in serious serious trouble if the Congress does not get serious about making some serious cuts we will not last 10 years. I hope you are ready for the great economic collapse, it is just around the corner.

Until next time, may God Bless You and may God Bless America...

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