Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obama Is 41% and Dropping!!!

A recent Gallup poll indicated the president's approval rating has tanked at 41 percent and dropping, which is a tie for the lowest poll rating of his administration and down from 49 percent when he announced his campaign.  A new poll from the Washington Post/ABC News shows that 58 percent of Americans disapprove of Obama’s approach to curbing the government’s exploding debt burden. Republicans don’t fare any better on this front, either, with 64 percent disapproval of their approach.  These numbers are indicative of the American peoples frustration with "POLITICIANS".  I will tell you what I hear.  I hear citizens talking daily of this great nation collapses under the weight of the tremendous debt, and that nothing constructive is done by Washington to fix the problem. All you are hearing out of Washington is name calling and whining. You hear the President of the United States giving speeches with very little or no substance. Obama treats the American people as if they are stupid, and do not know the issues. It is a shame that Washington is doing very little except argue in the face of this economic melt down.  Washington must set aside the differences now and save this country from economic ruin, some how some way it must be done.  Instead of whining and complaining come together and come up with the solutions. You know what they are, is the complete reform of the entitlement programs, and deep spending cuts. The Chinese are just sitting on the sidelines, patiently waiting for the collapse of the greatest country the world has ever known.  What these politicians are doing is criminal. It seems either the democrats or the republicans wants the bragging rights of who gets the most and putting on how to pay for it on the back burner. Now enter the highest gasoline prices this country has ever seen in years, yet nothing is being done to lower them. Obama is out on the campaign trail hugging and kissing babies and making lame promises on how he will fix it all, while still spending more and requesting more taxes increases. Gas prices are hitting over $5.00 a gallons in some areas of the country. What does Obama say, buy electric cars............yes buy electric please. He is now attempting to force us into buying what he wants, not what you want. That is why Obama is not doing one single thing to get gas prices lowered. Instead he gives 2 billion dollars to Brazil for drilling and another 2.8 billion to Columbia to build refineries.........and America gets what? America gets what he first promised, CHANGE AND HOPE, Obama did not lie, he delivered, Obama delivered, 5 dollar gasoline, higher food prices, inflation, a health plan we can not afford and the COLLAPSE the United States of America which is coming soon. He has done this in just 2.5 years.   

We have the answer, and the answer is in 2012, this is our HOPE AND CHANGE, the removal of all who sat on their thumbs and did nothing while our country sank into a pit of hopelessness.

Until next time.............May God Bless You and May God Bless America...


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